Weekly Wrap: 5/6

Safe and dry

  1. We’ve had a very wild and wet weekend here in Harbour City with a low battering the east coast. I’ve spent the past couple of indoors doing a whole lot of nothing except staying warm and dry (tucked up in bed watching a lot of TV). We did originally have grand plans to check out more of Vivid (before we saw the forecast for the weekend), but it was rained out and sadly a lot of the installations were damaged with the insane winds and torrential downpour. Flights are delayed and public transport is down all over the city.  It’s pretty hairy out there with all the flooding (and subsequent evacuations in some cases), and the images that are coming in through the media reports are a little scary (I saw one image of a house with the roof ripped right back). Stay safe!
  2. I made the most of being stuck indoors and got stuck into season one of Heartbeat – and I really like it! Melissa George will always be ‘Angel’ to me, but I am really liking this medical drama; it has a good cast and decent storyline. It’s not a bad substitute for Grey’s Anatomy…
  3. I’ve had a few social catch-ups with friends this week, and I am feeling better for it. I had a few sneaky wines after work with girlfriends during the week – I hadn’t laughed like I did in a while, and I felt so much better for it afterwards. I then had lunch with another friend who I hadn’t seen in a while, and it was so good to really catch-up. As shy and introverted as I am, and as much as I need a decent amount of downtime to recharge, I always enjoy a catch-up with good mates.

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