Weekly Wrap: 3/52

  1. It has been one of those weeks where I’ve been incredibly distracted – I got in to work one morning and realised I was only wearing one earring. I genuinely couldn’t work out whether I’d lost the other on my morning commute, or if I’d only put one earring in before leaving the house. The thought of having lost an earring was devastating – they were my graduation gift to myself; but at the same time, the thought I’d only remembered to put one earring in was troubling – it’s too early in the year to have lost my mind. Thankfully the other earring was right where I left it – at home… PHEW. I think.
  2. It’s probably somewhat related, but I’m feeling a little lost at the moment, which I am putting down to what seems to be my annual dose of January ennui. I think it is somewhat heightened this year with a few things ups in the air with my work and me feeing the need for a little more direction internally as to where I see myself in the next few years. It’s been a little while since I’ve stopped and really taken the time to look at where I’m at, where I was, and where I want to go in the future, so it’s probably time to sit down and work out a few goals!
  3. Mr Posy and I paid a visit to the Gallery this weekend to check out the Nude exhibition, and we stopped in to have a look at the works in another exhibition while we were there (pictured). It was amazing!
  4. My birthday is coming up, and I treated myself to an early present this weekend – a Céline wallet. My old Marc Jacobs wallet was barely hanging in there (I bought it in our last visit to NYC… back in 2009, ahem), but I couldn’t let it go until I found something I really loved to replace it. I am very happy with my new purchase; it was worth the wait!
  5. While I feel well on the whole, my cough is still hanging around and driving me generally crazy. It’s going on three weeks and I’ve had enough.
  6. I’m feeling ready for the work week ahead – all three days of it! – after spending the morning at the beach. It was absolutely glorious today. A Sunday well spent, and all that.

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