Weekly Wrap: 31/7

Snow trip

  1. It’s the last day of July – I can’t believe it! 2016 will be over before we know it.
  2. I watched the promo trailer for the Gilmore Girls revival, and it is everything. It made my heart so happy, and I am so excited for November.
  3. Mr Posy and I went to the snow this weekend (pictured) for our very first snow trip to meet up with Dad and his partner as well as my aunt and cousins, and it was so much fun. Not only was it our first snow trip, but it was also our first time on skis – and it definitely won’t be our last. I certainly am not a natural on skis, but I’m not terrible either – I didn’t fall once (I think Mr Posy may have had my share of stacks as well as his own haha)! However I do need a lot more practice… I am keen to go back again, but next time we’ll go for a few days, instead of just a weekend. It was also a lot of fun catching up with my family – I haven’t laughed that much in a while.
  4. After our whirlwind weekend to the snow I am not looking forward to heading to work tomorrow – I know it is going to be an effort to drag myself out of bed in the morning! It’s going to be a long week, despite it being a short week for me.

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