Weekly Wrap: 29/5

Vivid at Taronga

  1. I’ve been wrestling with sinus issues all week, but I have been dosing up on Demazin and Panadol and soldiering on at work (there’s never a good time to be sick, but it’s the worst time to be sick right now), however I finally let myself rest this weekend. Spent an entire Saturday tucked up in bed watching movies and snoozing, and I am feeling a lot better for it!
  2. Nashville series finale, I hate you. So cruel to end the way it did. I am hoping that another network will pick up a new season (or at least a few more episodes) to finish it off!
  3. I finally watched How to be Single – I thought it would be a silly movie that would be good for a laugh, but it had a pretty good story line to it as well.
  4. I am moving office temporarily this week, and I can’t wait. The building that I am moving to for the next six weeks or so is much more modern than my usual building, it’s in a great location, the bathroom is amazing (it’s almost like walking in to a Jo Malone store…) and I love the guys at the local coffee shop (and they’re on Beat the Q, which is an added bonus). Can’t wait!
  5. It’s that time of year in Sydney when the city lights up – Vivid is on again! It’s one of my favourite times of year, and the organisers have really outdone themselves this year. Mr Posy and I headed to the zoo tonight to check out Vivid at Taronga (pictured). That’s right, a trail of giant animal light sculptures. The sculptures were fantastic, but the highlight of the night for me was definitely the giraffe enclosure, where they were still out and about, no doubt checking out the view of the illuminated Harbour. The light walk is on every night at Taronga throughout Vivid, and definitely worth checking out. We bought Blue Pass tickets, which included a round trip on the Sky Safari/cable car (same price as General Admission, but only a limited number sold for each night) – it was a fun way to check out the city lights!

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