Weekly Wrap: 26/6


  1. I finally worked myself through Orange is the New Black this week, and wow. I knew that the intensity of the season would build up with each episode and finish on a cliffhanger (as seems to be the case every season), but I was not expecting what happened in the last two episodes at all. I spent a good chunk of the season fairly outraged over some of the themes this season (the out-of-control, drunk on power guards for one), but the end was fairly heartbreaking.
  2. I am genuinely quite shocked by the #Brexit vote. It was not the outcome I was expecting at all. Interesting days ahead, to say the least.
  3. It’s been pretty chilly here in ol’ Harbour City this weekend – Winter has finally arrived! Mr Posy and I made the most of the sunshine this weekend though, and took PosyDog for couple of walks – she didn’t seem to feel the bite in the air, even though we certainly did!
  4. My little cousin plays representative hockey, so we took a road trip to watch a couple of her games this weekend. I love watching her play, and it’s a fun day out catching up with my aunt.
  5. I booked in a long weekend down at Mollymook later in the year, and I am counting down the days! I’ve had such a busy first half of the year, and ‘exhausted’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing.
  6. Speaking of being exhausted, I have a busy work week ahead, and I can’t wait for next weekend to roll around… I feel like I’m wishing my life aways some days, I have to say – but I just need a couple of days to kick back and rest. I think I will book in a flex day in July to do exactly that.

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