Weekly Wrap: 2/52

  1. I made it through what felt like a never-ending first week back in the office – the days are long when you can’t have a mid-afternoon nap! It certainly wasn’t a quiet start to my 2017 working year, but I feel like I kicked a few goals this week, and I’m hoping this coming week will be less tiring…
  2. Mr Posy and I went to the Sydney Derby last night to cheer on Sydney FC (pictured). With over 40,000 people in attendance the atmosphere was incredible, however I was a little disappointed that we went home without a win. With that said, a draw is certainly better than a loss!
  3. I got a little spendy this past week and indulged in a couple of purchases, including a super cute dinosaur print top from Marcs (🙊), some casual pants from Seed and a couple of dresses from Review. I got my KonMari on at the end of last year, where I whittled two wardrobes full of my clothes down to <one and I have a few gaps to fill when it comes to casual and work-wear. Also, it’s Birthday Month, and if you can’t treat yourself then, when can you? Ahem.
  4. Bridegroom on Netflix. I bawled my eyes out.
  5. Another week of hot weather is upon us – here’s hoping the heat isn’t quite as horrendous as last week, and that we have some cooler nights at the very least. Harbour City sure does like to break records…

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