Weekly Wrap: 25/9

Tulip Time Bowral

  1. So this is more of a fortnightly wrap, and it’s a late one at that. I’m not even going to try to make up a good excuse, because I don’t have one haha.
  2. I somehow stumbled across a clip called The Perfectionist Trap, which really struck a chord with me … and of course I then fell down the rabbit hole that is YouTube and found myself watching clips from The School of Life for (what seemed like) hours. The Imposter Syndrome was another interesting clip.
  3. I finally got around to watching the Winners & Losers series finale, and it was perfect. I’m really going to miss the series!
  4. On the topic of TV shows, I finally let Mr Posy talk me in to watching Stranger Things on Netflix. I psyched myself up so much to be terrified, that I actually laughed watching it. I am generally scared of my own shadow, but I didn’t find the series spooky at all, which was a nice change.
  5. The week before last I took an impromptu mid-week flex day, and it was exactly what I needed. I had a sleep-in and then spent the better part of the day watching trashy movies on Netflix with PosyDog and PosyKitty by my side. I used to pack my days off with activities, but the last couple of flex days that I’ve taken it’s been so nice to just potter about the house and do nothing.
  6. Back when living in Harbour City was just a pipe dream, whenever Mr Posy and I would visit this great city, we’d often schedule in time for reflexology; regardless of whether one believes in the health benefits of the practice, if nothing else, it was always an extremely relaxing way to spend forty minutes. The weekend before last, Mr Posy and I decided it was high time to treat ourselves, given the last time we’d booked in for reflexology was after our wedding back in 2013, and paid a visit to our local. I left feeling very relaxed!
  7. Because I am about 80 years old at heart, we drove down to Bowral for the tulip festivalTulip Time, on Sunday (pictured). The weather was a little miserable when we left Harbour City, but ever the optimists, we decided to chance it, and I’m so glad we did because the sun made an appearance by the time we arrived. We got there for opening (9am), and were completely blown away when we walked through the gates. The gardens were stunning! We wandered about Corbett Gardens until 10am, by which time my stomach was growling for breakfast and I was in dire need of coffee, and the festival was starting to get very busy, so we ventured up the street to Elephant Boy Cafe for sustenance.

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