Weekly Wrap: 22/5

Pop Up Picnic in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

  1. I caught my first ever fashion show (Ginger & Smart) in the flesh as part of a work thing at MBFWA this week. Have I blogged lately about how much I love my new job? I definitely won’t be doing anything nearly as cool any time soon, but I never would have had this opportunity in any of my previous jobs!
  2. I decided to give the Oreo Cadbury a go this week. It was okay, but I don’t think think it was anything to really write home about. With that said, my tastebuds seem to have changed significantly as I’ve gotten older – I used to love sweets, but now I’m all about the savoury.
  3. Nobody could ever be harder on me than I am on myself, let that be said.
  4. I am missing my new nephew (as well as Niece and Nephew Posy) something fierce this week. My aching heart… Distance is the worst.
  5. I finally upgraded to the latest version of Instagram (by accident) and I HATE it.
  6. A few times last year Mr Posy mentioned the idea of us heading out for a picnic, so as part of his Christmas present I got him a gift voucher for Pop Up Picnic. I realised last week that the gift voucher was in danger of expiring, and as the forecast for good weather this weekend aligned with us not having any other plans for a change, we booked in the picnic for yesterday. We picked up the hamper from Pop Up Picnic in Surry Hills and headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens to find ourselves a patch of grass (pictured). The day was a little cloudy, but the sun did make an appearance or two, and with amazing food, great company, and a knockout view, you couldn’t really ask for much more!
  7. That feeling when you upgrade your eye-phone, after having issues backing it up/transferring photos to my MacBook, and you click on the ‘photos’ icon after it restarts… and nothing is there. My heart completely sunk – so many photos and videos (our Lord Howe trip, our visit to PosyTown/meeting my nephew for the first time), just gone. Thankfully, the system was still starting up etc, so about half an hour later, the photos and videos had finished restoring and were all back on my phone. PHEW.
  8. I went on a bit of a Natalie Portman binge on Netflix this weekend – I re-watched ‘Where the Heart Is’ and ‘No Strings Attached’ (both of which I don’t think I’ve seen since they first came out), and watched ‘Brothers’ for the first time (which I thought was really well done). Gosh she is a fantastic actress.
  9. When putting together my weekly meal plan I noticed that my freezer supply was starting to dwindle a little, so I cooked up a big pot of beef ragu and beef stroganoff this afternoon to beef up my freezer stash (see what I did there? Ha!). I like to keep our freezer well stocked, as it means that we’re less likely to grab takeaway on nights we get home and decide we don’t feel like cooking. I usually have a good variety and rotation of curries (beef massaman, red lentil dahl), soup (pumpkin, minestrone), along with bolognese, apricot chicken, lasagne, stroganoff and ragu that we can just defrost, heat and eat with some additional vegetables/starch for nights when we just can’t be bothered, get home late, or don’t feel like eating what’s on the meal plan. I also like to have a supply of meatballs and beef patties that we prepare and freeze raw to cook as needed. I find that so long as we store these ‘correctly’ (I portion in containers and then place in freezer bags that I label), these particular meals actually taste better than when we cook and eat them the same night. While I was on a roll in the kitchen this afternoon, I also whipped up  batch of blueberry muffins to freeze for Mr Posy’s lunches. BRB, just polishing my halo…

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