Weekly Wrap: 19/6

Vivid Sydney 2016

  1. My brother keeps sending me photos and videos of my little nephew and FaceTiming me, and it’s killing me. I miss the little guy so much! In addition to this, Mr Posy’s SIL has been tagging me in photos of Niece and Nephew Posy on social media; my heart is feeling very sad this week. Distance is a killer. Time to book a trip in to see them, I think.
  2. I think Garfield is my spirit (cartoon) animal. I wanted to just inhale the entire tray of lasagne that Mr Posy made over the long weekend. It was freaking amazing. I am still dreaming about it. Fortunately we have a few portions squirrelled away for later in the freezer…
  3. Speaking of the long weekend, it was just what I needed. By the time Monday evening rolled around I was feeling very relaxed and refreshed – long walks with coffee in the sunshine, our road trip to Kiama, a couple of movies at home on the couch (The Choice, Deadpool) and a sneaky nap; I was feeling almost like a whole new person.
  4. We also caught a little more of Vivid before it finished again for the year – this time we hit up the Royal Botanic Gardens and Circular Quay (pictured). The organisers really outdid themselves this year; it was spectacular. The crowds are a little too much though, and I do miss the days when you could easily walk around to each of the installations and see them all without developing a severe case of pedestrian rage.
  5. Mr Posy and I took another road trip this weekend, but this time we headed north to visit my aunt and cousins, as well as my grandparents who were on their way up to sunny QLD. I was exhausted after the trip, but I really love spending time with my family.
  6. With the torrential rain today, it was a good day to be inside having a few laughs with good company, good food and good wine – and as a result I am feeling very full after a long, lazy lunch with Mr Posy and friends this afternoon. Fruit for dinner it is.
  7. After such a busy weekend, we haven’t even had a chance to watch any of the new episodes of Orange is the New Black. Normally we would have binge-watched the entire season by now. I know what we’re watching this week after work!

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