Weekly Wrap: 12/6

Harbour City

  1. Gosh I love a three-day weekend. I am currently feeling very relaxed, safe in the knowledge that I still have one more day off to enjoy before going back to work (don’t get me wrong – I love my job, but I really needed this break!). My Queen’s Birthday long weekend has so far involved long walks with my favourites and coffee in the sunshine (pictured), and a road trip down to Kiama today. Tomorrow will be a repeat of yesterday (a long walk with PosyDog, coffee and sunshine), with the addition of a sneaky afternoon nap. I am looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday refreshed and recharged, and ready to face a few very busy weeks ahead.
  2. Love is … When I go to get a jelly snake out of the packet in the fridge, only to find that Mr Posy has left me all the orange ones, because he knows they’re my favourite.
  3. This ‘Men share funny, biased observations of marriage’ popped up in my FB feed during the week – a collection of tweets from men about what they really think of marriage. Oh how some of the tweets made me laugh. I think my favourite involved a response of ‘Let’s ask the dog if he thinks his jeans are stupid’…
  4. I have been wanting to give Aussie Farmers Direct a try for a while now, and the insane weather last week finally saw me putting in an order. I was impressed! I haven’t yet decided if I’ll put in a standing order, but the website was easy to navigate, I was happy with the produce and the pricing, the whole thing was super convenient, and it felt good to know that we were supporting our Aussie farmers.
  5. With our groceries for the week sorted, I also got my cook on with huge pots of roasted pumpkin soup, red lentil dahl, apricot chicken (nary a packet of french onion soup in sight) and minestrone, while Mr Posy cooked a big tray of lasagne. Our freezer is currently very well stocked…
  6. It feels like the mercury has dropped a little this weekend – perhaps Winter finally is coming.

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