Weekly Wrap: 10/4

Bronte mornings

  1. I booked flights to PosyTown to visit my brother and his other half and meet my new nephew next month. I am so excited!
  2. People have been asking me what our plans are for Christmas. IT’S APRIL! We only just had Easter (and Greek Easter is still to come). Can we at least get six months into the year first, before I have to start thinking about Christmas… Please?
  3. I know my beach days for this season are numbered, so I am treating every extra morning I get to spend soaking up the Vitamin Sea as my last. We spent the morning at Bronte (pictured) and it was SPECTACULAR. Autumn is fast becoming my favourite season of the year.
  4. I finished working on a major work project that has consumed my life for the better part of a year. Packing up my desk on Friday was a little sad and surreal – I did it; it’s all over. This week I start in a new role, and I am both excited and terrified. I am looking forward to my next challenge and a new adventure!
  5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Not as good as the original (however it doesn’t feel right to compare), but still worth watching.
  • Gary Lum
    April 10, 2016

    I hope everyone in Posy Town comes out to see you as well as visitors from the north…

    • ms posy
      April 17, 2016

      Oh I would really love to see some visitors from the north…!

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