Getting stuff done

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Life Admin

I wanted to title this post “Getting sh’t done”, but decided against it. Seemed a little smutty.

One of the benefits of my new job (which really isn’t so new anymore) here in Harbour City is the ability to accrue flextime. I know, I know – it’s hardly revolutionary, but it’s new for me. Don’t get me wrong, my boss back in PosyTown knew that I put in extra hours and she was absolutely amazing and very generous when it came to time off, but it’s great to be working within an official framework, where all our hours are officially logged. I haven’t made as much use of this arrangement as I could have, and I certainly haven’t been taking the full six days per quarter (and have so far only really used the days that I have had off for travel), but I am trying to embrace this whole ‘work-life balance’ thing – something I have never been very good at.

I’ve been keeping a list of things that I needed to do, that could only really be done on weekdays during work hours but were too time-intensive to do during my lunchbreak, for some time now, and I decided that I would finally put one of my flex days to good use – to get through my to-do list. I also tried to arrange a couple of coffee dates with friends I have been wanting to catch up with, but the Universe conspired against me and those dates weren’t to be. A good thing, really, as it turned out I did need the whole day to get through all my tasks.

I declared last Friday my ‘Life Admin Day’. You know – a day dedicated to calling banks, sorting out your super fund/s, getting papers together to send off to your accountant, calling your health fund, sorting out stuff around the house and with the furchildren etc etc. I was on a mission and I was determined to get through my list, and some of Mr Posy’s, as it turned out.

About half an hour into Life Admin Day, I started worrying that it would be a total bust. Websites were down, I couldn’t log in to online portals, papers weren’t ready, people on the telephone weren’t helpful… I took a deep breath, sipped my coffee, and continued on to the next items on my list, instead of becoming completely hysterical that my day wasn’t working out the way I had hoped. Fortunately, by the time I worked my way through the rest of the list, systems came back online and I was then able to action the items that I had been struggling with at the top of the list. Throw in a trip to a bank, and I WAS DONE. I got through everything on my list, including sorting out an account I had been meaning to close for the past, oh, six years… Oops.

The best bit about my day off? Aside from feeling absolutely elated at crossing off all those niggling tasks that have been bothering me for some time (seriously, it felt almost as good as submitting the final essays for my uni degrees) – I had booked us in for a sunset ice skating session down at Bondi! And unlike when we went ice skating at the rink in Rockefeller Center (Christmas 2007), Mr Posy actually let go of the barricades this time around. I am toying with the idea of another skating session before it finishes up; I will have Mr Posy zooming around the ice in no time!


The icing on the cake was that with all my life admin and chores out of the way on Friday, I actually had an entire weekend to play! With such amazing weather, this meant a two hour walk on Saturday, watching my beloved Roosters lose at Allianz, another walk on Sunday – this time along the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk looking out for whales – and coffee in the sunshine (something we have been enjoying on weekends a lot lately).

Here’s to getting sh’t done.

Feels like home

There’s something about Sydney that always soothes my soul.

Up until a month ago, the last proper holiday that Mr Posy and I took was in May 2009, when we went back to New York City for eight days. We’ve had time off since then, a long weekend here or there where we’d jet off to Sydney or Melbourne, or just lounge around in PosyTown… but it had been a while since we’d had a real break.

Back in March when Mr Posy mentioned that work was looking at sending him to a conference in Sydney, I was all over it like a rash. After checking the calendar, I discovered that the weekend following his conference was the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. I convinced Mr Posy to talk to his boss about taking the three days between his conference ending and the weekend as recreation leave; my boss was just back from a month-long jaunt around the US, so I knew I had bargaining power for the week off work.

When Mr Posy’s attendance at the conference and our leave was confirmed in April, I was quick to book my flights and our accommodation for the nights after the conference (that weren’t paid for by work). I started a “countdown” of work days to go on my calendar – only 57 days, woohoo! I started scheduling dates with friends. I’d been on edge for months – with everything that had been going on at work, with my family, with the in-laws – I was wrecked.

When the cool Sydney air hit my face as we walked out of the airport, I nearly burst into tears. Sydney has always felt like home – one day I hope that it will be. I’ve never felt as comfortable, or as happy, or as whole, as I do in Sydney… As sappy as that sounds.

Poor Mr Posy. He had a bit of a struggle on his hands, getting me on the return flight. I cried my eyes out, the entire plane-ride back to PosyTown.


I’m at the “business end” of the university semester, and consequently I’ve found myself bunkered down in the uni library the  past two weekends. I’ve had a couple of assignments due that I actually enjoyed, and found myself getting carried away with searching for journal articles and later poring over them. I haven’t spent that much time on campus since I was studying for my first degree… and back then, I tried to avoid the university grounds where possible.

It got me thinking about a time when life was much simpler, even if it didn’t always seem like it at the time. My study came first, and work (nannying for a family {that I loved} during the day, and working in a cafe {that I didn’t love} at night or on weekends) was considered an optional extra (but let’s face it, it wasn’t really optional – it was a necessity).

If I had too many assignments due at once, I could swap a shift at the cafe, or study while the children I looked after were napping, or I could slam a few sugar-free red bulls as well as some No-Doz and pull an all-nighter without having to worry so much about whether I would be able to function the next day. These days, I can’t just take a personal day when an assignment is due, work always needs doing (I wish some of my clients would nap…), and if I get less than six eight hours sleep, I’m a crabby mess.

Study is such a luxury these days. Something I fit in between full-time work and domestic duties. I didn’t realise until I sat down and actually thought about it, really thought about it, how much I missed it. Missed actually studying, researching, writing; not just finishing an assignment for the sake of getting through it, but really immersing myself in it.

I feel sad that when I was at university full-time, I just wanted to get it over with; it was a means to an end. I didn’t really soak it all up like I should have, I just wanted to finish and get out into the workforce. Now that my priorities have shifted, now that work comes first, and study is an optional extra, I find myself green with envy. Envious of my younger self, envious of those who have so much more time to study than I.

I suppose the grass really is always greener, isn’t it?

Right Here, Right Now

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Life has been a wee bit crazy in the Posy household.

I’ve written maybe 100 posts in my head in the shower/car/toilet over the past couple of months, but none have made it on to the page/computer screen/blog/whatever.

Mr Posy has been working a lot, and my friends are largely unavailable; I’m lonely. I’m teary all the time. I dread people asking how I am – I fear I’ll end up in a puddle of tears at their feet. Sort of like Alex Mack.

I have a job interview on Friday. For the position I’ve been sitting in for the past nine months. Everybody keeps saying that I’m going to nail the interview, but I’m not feeling so confident. I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t win my job. Crawl under my doona and die of humiliation? I’ll cry, probably.

We had a cyclone. Only a small one. There was a lot of rain and wind, mostly, and a lot of trees were knocked down.

Cyclone carnage

We booked a short trip away. To Melbourne, for Niece’s Posy’s christening. Take Two. We were stuck in PosyTown because of the cyclone, and with the airport closed, we (and more importantly, the Godmother) couldn’t get to Melbourne until after the christening. So it was rescheduled. I need the break – I’m exhausted. Mr Posy made the mistake of telling the in-laws the hotel we had booked. Now they’ve booked there too. Is it pathetic if I ring the Park Hyatt, and ask to be on a completely different floor?

My in-laws want to build a granny flat in my backyard. It’s not happening, but it’s been stressful. They don’t understand why we don’t want them living in our backyard. They also can’t see how, when we move out, their living in the backyard will have a serious impact on our ability to attract tenants to rent our house. Our house was always going to be an investment property – and they always knew that. I wouldn’t want to live in a house/apartment where the owner lived next door, never mind in the backyard…

My mum is on the home stretch with chemo – she has one session to go, and then she’s done!

I had a birthday. I turned 26. It was a couple of months ago now, but it really was the best birthday ever.