Minnie Mouse cake pops

Speaking of baking and cake pops, Niece Posy recently turned three, and I thought it was as good a time as any to try my hand at Minnie Mouse cake pops (actually, making cake pops in general) for the themed birthday party that my SIL organised. As well as arranging an amazing cake, she also managed to track down Mickey and Minnie suits!

Minnie Mouse party

All the articles and blog posts that I read online suggested making the process as easy as possible, so I totally cheated and used cake packet mix and store-bought icing. The cake pops were quite time-consuming as it was, so I was all about shaving off a few minutes where I could. I made the cake on the Friday night, so that I’d have all of Saturday to get through the remaining steps of this Bakerella recipe, for the party on the Sunday. I was still up fairly late on the Saturday night finishing the cake pops off!

I managed to find this cute site with free Minnie Mouse printables, so while the cake was baking, I got busy with my printer, some scissors and sticky tape.

Cake mix

Crumble the cooled baked caked into a bowl and mix in a little icing at a time – you don’t want the mixture to be too squishy.

Cake pop balls

Roll a tablespoon of your mixture into cake balls, and place in the freezer to firm up (but don’t allow to freeze). You don’t want to roll these too tightly, or they’ll expand and crack once they’re out of the fridge.


Melt Candy Melts in the microwave (as per packet instructions – don’t overheat, they do burn!); dip your cake pop stick into the candy melts (I didn’t bother adding any candy colouring) and insert into the cake ball (about 2/3 through). I then placed these back into the freezer for about fifteen minutes to firm up some more.

Place the cake pops in a block of styrofoam – then stick two ‘ears’ (I used Nestle Melts) to the cake balls using more of the melted candy. Stick these back into the freezer for about fifteen minutes, before moving to the fridge so they don’t freeze, because a certain little person wants to get stuck into the arts and crafts.

Melt more of the Candy Melts in the microwave, and very carefully dip (no twirling or the ears will come off!) or, using a spoon, pour the melted candy over the cake pop. Fashion a bow using pink hearts, and stick back into the freezer to firm up, before wrapping in a cellophane cake pop bag and tying with ribbon.



I had more than enough Minnie Mouse cake pops, so also made some plain cake pops with sprinkles – these were much easier and far less time-consuming to assemble.

Cake pops

While the cake pops were fairly labour-intensive, the look on Niece Posy’s face when she saw the finished product made it all worth it. “AUNTY POSY! YOU MADE KICKEY MOUSE CAKES! FOR MEEEE!” 

Yes, my little bug. I made Kickey Mouse cakes, just for you.

Happy Birthday

28 candles

Given how much I love Christmas, it probably comes as no surprise that I also love birthdays. I love spoiling my family and friends on their special day, and I approach the preparations for the ‘Festival of [friend/family member]’ with gusto – flowers, birthday banners, a surprise morning tea/lunch, filling their office/cubicle with balloons, cake and candles, cocktails…

I don’t share quite the same enthusiasm for my own birthday, however, but they continue to roll around (as they do), and last week it was my turn to celebrate a birthday.


A  couple of the girls at work decorated my office, arranged a surprise morning tea (with cake!), a surprise lunch at one of my favourite restaurants with some of my favourite people, and a gorgeous card. They also arranged for a gift card to be delivered to my hotel room when we were in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, with the instructions that I was to indulge in cocktails (at Grain bar – in the lead up to my trip, I’d mentioned that I couldn’t wait to try the new bar at the Four Seasons). I received a lovely tea set from my two bosses – a lovely surprise as I’d been on the hunt for a tea set for a little while (which they didn’t know), but hadn’t managed to find one I liked – it is beautiful and exactly my style.

I received some very lovely cards, text messages and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram well wishes, as well as  some gorgeous flowers as the day went on. I have such amazing people in my life, and I feel so blessed. My grandfather is very sweet – he’s really looking forward to the wedding in November, and tells me every chance he gets…

Birthday II

Niece Posy excitedly sang me Happy Birthday – over the phone in the morning, and then at dinner in the evening, where she and Nephew Posy helped me blow out my birthday candles (more cake!). I owe my sister-in-law a new cake server… I somehow broke hers while I was cutting my cake, oops!

Birthday III

On Saturday night, Mr Posy is taking me out for dinner (we were supposed to go to dinner last Saturday, but I was unwell so had an early night). It will be my fourth birthday dinner (seriously, four dinners: Mum/brother/Mr Posy, in-laws/Mr Posy, Dad/brother/Mr Posy) – ‘spoilt’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Back in November, I had a slight breakdown when, for a moment, I forgot how old I was. I must have had a minor brain explosion, because for a minute or so there, I thought I was turning 27. You can possibly imagine the panic I experienced when I realised I was actually turning twenty-eight. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with growing older, but I think my brain had a rough time processing this particular number, because I’ve not forgotten my age like this before. I had to remind myself a few more times in the weeks leading up to my birthday that I was turning 28, 28, 28… I think I’ve come to terms with it now, despite not much liking the even number (I love odd numbers).

Twenty-seven was a good year for me, but I’m sure twenty-eight will be even better.

The celebrations have been lovely, but I am thoroughly exhausted from the Festival of Miss Posy.


Birthday Hoopla

November through December is a very busy festive time in the Posy household. Along with the usual Christmas Eve / Christmas Day / New Year’s Eve celebrations, we have Mr Posy’s Name Day, Mr Posy’s brother’s Name Day, my father-in-law’s Name Day, Nephew Posy’s Name Day, Niece Posy’s Name Day, and Mr Posy’s birthday.

This week we celebrated Mr Posy’s birthday. With pizza. And chocolate cake. And hula-hooping. As you do on your thirty-fifth birthday!

Birthday Hoopla

Niece Posy was very insistent that she was helping her theios (uncle) blow out his birthday candles… and what a great helper she was, with Nephew Posy along for the ride. Birthdays are so much more fun with our niece and nephew.

Happy Birthday, Mr Posy!

Birthday card