Monthly Highlights: November 2015

November was over before it even began – it almost feels like I blinked and missed an entire month! Almost…



When my boss left me back in October, we scheduled a coffee date to give us something to look forward to. We arranged to meet up at Rushcutters for a doggy and daughter date – she brought along her human child, and I brought along my child of the fur variety (PosyDog) and we let them run about in the park together. It was a beautiful sunny day (after initially threatening to rain), and the girls had a fab time while we had a coffee and a good chat. Miss 10 was quite taken with PosyDog, and it was pretty clear that PosyDog was also very fond of Miss 10. That reminds me – we really need to schedule in another date, especially now that the weather is warming up!

Wedding of 2016

One of my loveliest friends is getting married next year, and I was very excited when the wedding invitation arrived in the mail. I was on the computer straight away booking flights and accommodation for THE wedding of 2016. She and her fiancé live on a cattle station and are having a destination wedding on the west coast, and I cannot wait to watch her walk down the aisle!


Dad was in town briefly after a whirlwind trip south for a wedding, and we spent the afternoon catching up. It was great to see him, even if only for a couple of hours. I keep hoping that he might move down this way, but I think that is probably still about a decade off…

Taylor Swift (Sydney 2015)

Oh. My. Taylor. I had been looking forward to this concert since I booked the tickets a year ago. Actually, I had been looking forward to her concert since the very second she finished her last Sydney concert in December 2013 ha. My aunt and little cousin came down and spent the weekend with us – it was my cousin’s very first concert, and it was so much fun to be part of that experience with her, and to spend time with my aunt.


After a very few hectic months at work, my boss forced me to take a flex day – I was supposed to take it at the beginning of the month, but I managed to negotiate taking it the Friday of our trip to Hamilton Island so that I could unwind a little in advance. It wasn’t until I actually stopped that I realised just how exhausted I really was – and that I was probably headed to Meltdown Town if I hadn’t taken a break when I did. I used my day off to meet a friend for lunch, and then I went for a mani/pedi in preparation for Hamilton.

Hamilton Island November 2015

Back in May the cold, rainy, grey weather combined with lurgy after lurgy got the better of me, and I booked a trip to Hamilton Island for a few days of sunshine and warmth. I will write a proper post about our trip later, but we spent four days soaking up the sun, swimming in our pavilion, eating and drinking, making friends with the locals (the wildlife!), and occasionally leaving the island… to visit other islands. It was incredible.

Our trip was also a great way to celebrate our second wedding anniversary – we spent the day taking a helicopter out to the Great Barrier Reef for a snorkel and to Whitehaven Beach for a picnic and a swim, before heading back to the resort to sit down to an 8-course degustation for dinner. Incredible.

November is fast becoming one of my favourite months of the year!

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