Monthly Highlights: May 2015

May was the busiest month of 2015 yet for my little household, and so far it is sitting firmly in the #1 spot for my favourite month this year.

My May highlights managed to fit nicely into five neat categories: Work, Family, Friends, Events, and Health & Wellbeing.


I had the pleasure of attending a networking / professional development breakfast at the beginning of the month, thanks to my boss who nominated me to go along to the event. There would have been over 600 people in attendance from various organisations, and we were seated at tables with the CEO/other senior staff member and other employees from our respective organisations. The keynote speaker and panel discussion left me feeling very motivated and inspired about my own career, and it both reignited and reconfirmed my passion for the path in which I see my career taking.

The breakfast couldn’t have come at a better time, because the position that I have been acting in for the past six months was advertised, and I had to pull my job application together! Fingers crossed…


Mr Posy has been working remotely for his organisation back in PosyTown since we moved to Harbour City, which means that he got the PosyTown public holiday, so I took a Flex Day so that we could enjoy the day together. The weather was pretty miserable, so we skipped our original plan of a long, leisurely breakfast somewhere on the water and instead went to Bar Indigo in Double Bay, before heading to the MCA to catch the Light Show exhibition. I’m still a little bit confused by the free wifi and exhibition social media hashtag at the exhibition entrance/exit given you weren’t allowed to so much as use your device let alone take photos (what and how are they expecting people to share?) but I did enjoy the installations/sculptures. The exhibition finishes up at the MCA on 5 July, so if you haven’t been yet, you’re running out of time!



I know it is clichéd, but the years really are flying by – as evidenced by my little PosyDog turning 7! It’s hard to believe my teeny tiny puppy is now middle-aged. She is definitely no longer a sprightly young pup – I know she still has many years ahead of her (God, I hope so, anyway), but it does make my heart hurt, being able to visibly see her ageing.

Airport pickup

One of the biggest highlights for the month was our family visiting from Melbourne! Mr Posy’s cousin had his wedding here in Sydney, so Mr Posy’s parents, brother, SIL, and Niece and Nephew Posy came to visit our lovely city for a long weekend – and thankfully Sydney turned on the charm! Niece and Nephew Posy came in our car on the drive home from the airport (with the rest of Mr Posy’s family behind us in a hire car), and I asked them what they wanted to do while they were visiting. Nephew Posy wanted to see the dinosaur robots (what?), while Niece Posy wanted to watch The Smurfs at our place. This made my heart feel like it would burst for two reasons – this was the movie that we took Niece Posy to watch at the cinema before we left PosyTown, and it was also the movie that she watched on DVD when she was visiting us for our wedding 18 months ago. So sweet.

It was so great having the family here – despite them bringing a nasty bug which they kindly shared with us – we had a really fun four days. I was in absolute agony the day after Mr Posy’s cousin’s wedding, as Niece Posy had me on the dancefloor (in my heels!) all night! It was a not the Big Fat Greek Wedding that I was expecting, but instead a Very Small Greek Wedding, and finished with Nephew Posy falling asleep in my arms on the dancefloor while strumming his air guitar to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer. This was after all the Greek dancing, obviously! We had a lovely night, and it was so nice to celebrate with the immediate and extended family.

I did shed a little tear after we waved them off at their airport gate – it is really tough saying goodbye, and I think even harder when you are the one left standing in the airport.


Crazy schedules took some coordinating for drinks with the work girls – but we managed to organise not one catch-up, but two. The first was of the more sensible variety – just a mid-week couple of wines after work at this cool little bar in Surry Hills (The Wild Rover), which finished up around 7.30pm.

The Rocks

The second catch up was a little less sensible, with the missing member of our posse (the bad influence ha) visiting from Perth. It started with after work drinks at a bar in Circular Quay, followed by dinner and more drinks at a Japanese restaurant in The Rocks, and ended with a night cap (I bowed out and went with water) at The Orient. I think I got on a train about 10pm. On a Tuesday night. Not a big night for most, but it was a late night for me, especially having to go to work the next day.

I had been in a bit of an off mood before our not-so-sensible drinks – I was feeling emotional, irritable and overwhelmed – but I felt so much better on Wednesday. A little tired and dusty, sure, but in a much better headspace. Spending time chatting with the girls and laughing until I nearly fell off my chair was exactly what I didn’t even know I needed.


The Script

The month started with us painting the town green – we went to The Script concert. I actually had tickets when they were touring back in 2013, but unfortunately we weren’t able to make the concert, and I very nearly missed that they were touring in 2015, so I’m lucky I managed to snag tickets for decent seats before they were gone! I know this is a big call – but this concert was, without a doubt, right up there for me as one of my favourites of all time. I’m talking nearly-bumped-Taylor Swift’s-2013-concert-which-I-LOVED-out-of-top-spot good. Even Mr Posy agreed that it was right up there as one of the top concerts that he has been to. The atmosphere was amazing, the band’s interaction with the audience was mind-blowing (they went into the audience, multiple times!) – the concert was incredible. I loved it. I couldn’t stop talking about how great the concert was for days afterwards!

Roosters and Sydney FC

We missed the Roosters vs Tigers game at Allianz last year, as Mr Posy had to go up to PosyTown for work, so I was very excited about this face-off: my team vs Mr Posy’s team (though somebody looks like a very confused supporter in this photo, wearing his Roosters lanyard as we’re ticketed members, haha). We gave them a hiding – we thrashed the Tigers 36-4. I tried not to gloat too much…

We were back at Allianz the next night to watch Sydney FC take on Adelaide United in the semi-final – what a win! It was so great to cheer on Sydney FC, and the atmosphere was incredible with nearly 27,000 people in attendance. If it hadn’t been for Mr Posy’s cousin’s wedding, we would have been on a flight down to Melbourne to watch them take on Melbourne Victory in the grand final. We should really be thankful that we weren’t able to fly down though, given Sydney FC copped a 3-0 thrashing… It’s bad enough losing a game and having to walk/drive home, never mind flying to another city only to watch your team lose!

Vivid Sydney 2015

Vivid Sydney has long been one of my favourite events on the calendar – when we lived in PosyTown I used to time our visits to Sydney with this incredible light festival. Back in February we booked in dinner at Café Sydney for the first official night of Vivid, with the intention that we would eat out on the balcony overlooking Circular Quay, before walking around to check out all the light installations. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas, and it absolutely bucketed down – and we had to cancel our dinner reservation. Mr Posy was also a bit under the weather (I couldn’t help myself) after catching his family’s bug when they were visiting, so we didn’t get down to Vivid until the second weekend. By this time, Mr Posy had passed on his family’s bug, and I should have really been home in bed, but possibly ill with a fever and not making very wise choices, I decided that we were going to check out Vivid. On a Saturday night.

It was absolutely packed, I was miserable and felt so unwell the whole time, and really didn’t enjoy myself as much as I usually do. Instead of stopping to check out each of the installations, we whizzed past everything as quickly as we could (as quickly as you can when you can barely move because there are so many people out and about), just so we could get through it and get home. A giant shame really, because there were some really great installations around this year.

Game-changers Matthew Weiner

The night after we had tickets to Game-changers: Matthew Weiner at Town Hall – a talk with Matthew Weiner (series creator and executive producer of Mad Men, executive producer and writer on The Sopranos) and Kate Mulvany. I was still feeling fairly unwell, but knew that Mr Posy really wanted to go along to the talk, so armed myself with tissues and throat lozenges and dosed up on Demazin. I wish I had jotted down notes when I got home or the next day at work, because there were so many great ideas that were touched on and so many points that really struck a chord with me, and I would have liked to be able to look back over them. I will have to check with Mr Posy to see if he wrote any notes, and if he didn’t, what he remembers from the talk…

Health & Wellbeing

After feeling ill for almost a month courtesy of the lower respiratory tract infection that I picked up from my cousins over Easter, I was finally starting to feel better, when Mr Posy shared his grotty bug with me that his family brought up from Melbourne on their visit. I tried to fight it off with fresh juices and lots of Demazin to no avail, and have only now just managed to kick it, and it’s the middle of June…

Thanks to being sick for so long, I missed quite a bit of gym, and I lost a lot of strength that I had worked so hard on building up in the weights room. I am working back up to where I was before Easter, and hopefully I can continue to build on my weights from there!

Rainy, grey weather is not very good for me. And when it rains for days and feels like it will never end, it makes me do crazy things. Like book island holidays… We booked a little getaway to Hamilton Island for later in the year – and I am counting down to what I hope will be four days of sunshine and warmth! With that said, I am so keen for some rest and relaxation, and I’ve already managed to over-schedule our time there, so enforced relaxation because of rain wouldn’t entirely be the worst thing… But I am crossing my fingers for fabulous weather.

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