Monthly Highlights: June-July 2015

June and July disappeared in the blink of an eye – and I think it’s safe to say that the days and weeks are going to fly by from now until the end of the year.



Back in May I applied for the job that I’ve been acting in for a little while now, and I received word at the beginning of June that I had been shortlisted for interview, scheduled for towards the middle of the month. I spent almost two weeks riding a rollercoaster of anxiety, excitement, stress, and fear in anticipation. One minute I’d be thinking ‘I can’t do this, I just want it to be over, I feel sick’, and the next it was ‘I can do this, I’m going to nail my interview, I will totally smash it, I’ve got this, I can do it, I know I can’.


I was completely exhausted by the time the interview was over, and really needed to recharge after the busy weeks leading up to my interview. I was so glad that I had scheduled in a half day flex for the following day (a Friday afternoon), so that I could just go home and start my weekend early. By coincidence, it was the same weekend that S3 of Orange is the New Black hit Netflix, so I spent a lot of time horizontal on the couch, with the occasional break thrown in for some sunshine and fresh air.

Mr Posy started his new job, and I am so pleased that he landed such a great gig, in what sounds like a fantastic organisation with terrific people. I love hearing about his day, and even though we are adjusting to a new routine, he is so happy in his new role, and I am so incredibly proud of him and all his accomplishments.



I got the phone call that I had been hoping for – I won my job! Yay! I signed my letter of offer and sent it off; the ink had barely had a chance to dry before I found myself on secondment. I am working in a special project team in a different building, and will be here until the end of the year at this stage. My team members are fantastic and the work is interesting and keeping me busy (and great for my CV!), but I am missing my mates back at my usual workplace a little (and I think they miss me too a little!). With that said, I am only a ten minute walk away (sadly our walkie talkies do not work…)!



One of my little cousins plays representative hockey for her region, so when she was here in Sydney for a hockey carnival, I went out to watch her play. It was nice to spend a few hours sitting in the warm sun shooting the breeze with my aunt and Mr Posy, while cheering on my cousin. Her team did really well, though I was a little shocked that some of the girls in the opposing teams were under 12 – when did tweens get so tall?!


Flour and Stone

Mr Posy and I made the trek up north to visit family (armed with pannacotta lamingtons and other goodies from my favourite bakery – I am not one to arrive empty-handed) – my grandparents were up visiting my little cousins for the school holidays, so we took advantage of them only being a two hour drive away instead of eight! It was so great to spend the day with them all, but I always leave feeling so sad because a) we’re saying good bye, and b) we lived so far away for so many years and I will never get that time back.



One of my workmates had a birthday, so we celebrated with a few drinks at Wild Rover on a Friday after work in her honour. While we had planned to just have a few sensible drinks, we somehow managed to find ourselves at a pub around the corner many drinks later (thankfully I had the wisdom to swap to water). … which always seems to be the way when our little group gets together!

I took a flex day towards the end of the month, and spent it with a lovely friend and her two eldest children. We spent the morning watching ‘Inside Out’, and then spent the afternoon having a chat. I had a really great day – I adore her kids, and they really lifted my spirits.


We kicked off the month with a birthday lunch in Balmain for a friend, and had a great couple of hours at the Cat & Fiddle. It reminded me that we really don’t get over that way enough.


A lovely ex-colleague was over visiting from the West Coast, so we got our little secret squirrel group together for dinner and drinks. We started our pre-dinner drinks at Grain for a change, before heading to our favourite Japanese restaurant in the Rocks. Many hours later, three of the five ended up at Cruise Bar (with two having the good sense to go home!), and later some random pub in Circular Quay after midnight. I haven’t been out so late in quite some time, and really felt it the next day (yes, apparently I am 80 years old). Our West Coast correspondent really is the bad influence of the group…

As part of my workmate’s birthday shenanigans back in June, I somehow managed to agree to go to see Magic Mike XXL in Gold Class. I’d guess it had something to do with the champagne…  Anyhow, a couple of days before our night out, I finally watched the first movie, and while I’d expected that it would be quite terrible, I was surprised that it actually wasn’t too bad. The sequel was a whole other story. I went in with low expectations, but wow.



We missed the Roosters vs Storm and Roosters vs Titans home games given I was sick – but I was pleased that we got the wins!

Ice skating

We did manage to make it to both Winter Garden Sydney (gorgeous location) and Bondi Winter Magic (fabulous!) for ice skating sessions at twilight and had the best time.


We missed the Roosters vs Warriors home game (we won!), again thanks to one of my many bugs…


After a number of missed home games due to sickness, we finally made it back for the Roosters vs Bulldogs game, and we won! Only just. But we won… It was also Pearcey’s 200th game, so I was glad to be there for the win.

Health & Wellbeing


My cold from May continued well into June, and morphed into a nasty sinus infection. I initially tried to fight it off, before realising that it was only getting worse, not better, and after a trip to my GP, I came away with prescriptions for two different antibiotics and corticosteroid, as well as a recommendation to pick up a sinus wash kit. Now I can’t say that I’ve ever fancied salt water going up my nasal passages, but ohmygod, the stuff was absolutely life changing. By the time the end of the month rolled around, I was feeling a lot better having finally kicked my sinus infection and the last of my LRTI, after almost three months of feeling pretty bloody awful.

We had another burst of absolutely miserable weather in the middle of the month, and before I knew it, I found myself booking us in for a little getaway to Lord Howe Island for early next year. What can I say – I was also on a lot of meds at the time… I am really looking forward to it, and I plan to take a lot of photographs. My Nan and Pop honeymooned there over fifty years ago, and I can’t wait to show them photos from our trip (I don’t think it will have changed a great deal)!


Thankfully I managed to stay well throughout July… but unfortunately Mr Posy came down with the dreaded lurgy! He has not had much of a good run either when it comes to illness lately, but so far we have managed to avoid the ghastly Influenza this year.

Bora Bora

Winter has not been good for me this year – while I didn’t book any holidays this month, we did manage to narrow down our destination choice for our trip after Lord Howe Island next year. We are thinking either back to the Society Islands (but this time to Moorea), or over to the Cook Islands (Aitutaki). Meanwhile, we haven’t even been on our getaway to Hamilton Island yet! Whoops… With that said, planning will keep me busy for a while.I can’t wait to be back out on a kayak in the sunshine.

  • Gary Lum (@Yummy_Lummy)
    August 14, 2015

    Well done Miss Posy. Congratulations on the new appointment.

    • miss posy
      August 14, 2015

      Thanks, Gary!

  • Natalie
    September 4, 2015

    I love hearing your Sydney updates. And congrats on the new job x

    • miss posy
      September 14, 2015

      I’m having a great time exploring! I like reflecting back each month on everything I’ve done – so much I forget about until I really sit down and think about it/look at the calendar.. Thanks, lovely x

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