Monthly Highlights: December 2015

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more tired, December rolled around…

The Haven and Macs Beach

Having lived in Sydney for two years now, we thought it was time that we finally checked out the beaches on offer on the Central Coast, so we headed north early on a sunny Saturday morning. The surf conditions were pretty rough, so we grabbed a coffee while we checked out Terrigal, Avoca Beach and Macmasters Beach before heading back to Sydney after lunch. Of the three, I was most impressed with Avoca Beach, however it was much easier to grab a car park at Macmasters Beach!


We also finally made a visit to Doyles at Watsons Bay – a Sydney institution! – for fish and chips on the beach. I would go as far to say that they were the best fish and chips I’ve had… ever. And I can’t wait to go back. I had a good laugh when I realised that the scallops were indeed scallops of the sea variety (and boy were they delicious), and not potato cakes!

Art of Brick

Mr Posy’s birthday was a low-key affair this year – a casual dinner and cocktails at Bills on his actual birthday (I had planned to take him to Avila Crepes, but for some reason they were closed!), and a trip to the Powerhouse Museum to check out The Art of Brick: DC Comics exhibit on the weekend, followed by dinner at Otto at Woolloomooloo. The exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum was fantastic – even I was impressed.

Opera House sunset

By some miracle, my work girlfriends and I managed to schedule in Christmas drinks in between other social events before we all went off on leave for the year, and somehow snagged a fantastic table at Cruise Bar. It was great to have a few drinks, some snacks, and a lot of laughs with friends to finish off the working year, particularly after a hectic few months at work.

On the topic of work, Mr Posy and I were both very fortunate to have the full two weeks off over Christmas and New Year, as both our workplaces had a stand-down period. I think this was the first year since about 2007 that we had the entire period off, and it was absolutely fantastic!

My C&NY break started with a half day on the Friday for my work team lunch at Ms Gs in Potts Point. There was a lot of food and I had a lot of fun – it was a great way to finish up at work for 2015. Meanwhile, poor Mr Posy had to put in a full day, and didn’t get home until later than usual, so that he could get through everything before going on leave…


We spent Christmas in Melbourne with Mr Posy’s family this year – it had been a while since we were last down, and Niece and Nephew Posy are so grown now! We squeezed in some bowling, a couple of trips to the movies (Star Wars + Alvin and the Chipmunks), lego, craft, games, presents, lots of food, and even more cuddles. The kids are very good at laying on the guilt trip (“Why did you take so long to visit me, Aunty Posy”, “I was so sad this morning – because you weren’t here yet”, “I’ve missed you and I’m so glad you’re here”) and it was hard to say goodbye, but we are all getting much better at it!


With fantastic weather over the break, we spent a lot of time at the beach – Freshie, North Bondi, Bronte. Relaxing at the beach with a book or a magazine and a swim in the surf was just what I needed!

Hyams Beach

We also took a day trip down the South Coast to Hyams Beach, which was absolutely incredible. We had some really beautiful weather and the water was even warmer than it had been at North Bondi, and fortunately we were there the day before the sharks decided to join in the fun with the holidayers frolicking in the water..

Park Hyatt High Tea

As is becoming a tradition before we head back to work for the new year, Mr Posy and I spent a lovely couple of hours one afternoon enjoying high tea at the Park Hyatt and watching the ferries on the Harbour. It was a glorious day and the food was – as always – amazing.

Our New Year’s Eve was quiet again this year – dinner and champagne at home with a couple of movies, before walking down the street to watch the 9pm fireworks… I fell asleep before the main event again this year, but woke up once the midnight fireworks started (wow were they loud!) – where I watched them from my bed, before going back to sleep once they finished! One year we’ll do the big Sydney NYE on the Harbour, but I was happy to see out 2015 at home in my pyjamas.

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