Monthly Highlights: August 2015

August was a little hectic when it came to work, but on a social level, my calendar was probably the most quiet it has been all year. It was nice to have the time to take a breath, and just relax… somewhat.

The common thread this month was sport, along with rest and relaxation:

Swans vs Crows


We finally managed to get to a Swans game at the SCG! Sadly Goodsey wasn’t playing, but it was absolutely incredible to be part of the standing ovation held in the third quarter at the seventh minute in his honour. I was happy to get the win over the Crows – one of my good friends is a Crows supporter and we’d been having a bit of a banter in the lead up to the game.

Wallabies vs All Blacks


I bought these tickets on a bit of a whim – I’ve wanted to get to a Wallabies game for a while, and I certainly picked the right game to attend. It was the Wallabies first win over the All Blacks since like 2011, and they won in front of nearly 74,000 people, to keep the hope for the Bledisloe Cup alive. Sadly they were slaughtered over in NZ a week later, but it was great to see them win 27-19 here in Sydney!

City to Surf

City to Surf

I have been talking about running the City to Surf for years, and I finally took part… as a spectator, not a participant! My boss ran, so I went down to cheer her on and say hello at the finish line, after smashing an amazing breakfast at Avila Crepes. I’m still in a bit of shock that I managed to find her in the sea of people! A couple of Mr Posy’s colleagues also ran, along with his boss, and we stopped by his workplace’s corporate tent to say hello. It was beautiful day, so we continued our walk on to Bronte to soak up the sunshine (and get away from the crowd).

Roosters vs Eels

Roosters vs Eels

I knew that this game wouldn’t be an easy win, and when the supporters in front of us said “This should be an easy game – we’ll beat Parra easily!” right before kick-off, I wanted to shake them. Way to jinx it.

At halftime, we were I think down 4-18, and I knew the boys would have to dig deep in the second half to beat the Eels. Thankfully, they came out firing, and we finished with a 28-18 win.

Roosters vs Broncos

Roosters vs Broncos

This game was an important one, because it affected our chances for the minor premiership – we needed this win. Along with wanting the two points, I wanted the win because my brother supports the Broncos, so bragging rights were up for grabs. It was a long, tough, low-scoring game, and by the end of it my nerves were totally shot. We won 12-10, but I was so panicked that we were going to lose it in the last 60 seconds, and the win was at great cost with a couple of significant injuries to key players.

Catching up with colleagues


I am still really enjoying the project that I am working on, and I really like the people that I am working with in the project team, but I am still missing some of my mates over at my usual workplace. We have been making sure that we schedule semi-regular coffee and lunch dates (and the occasional impromptu after-work drink), and I can’t explain just how much I look forward to these. I always feel that little bit lighter and happier and have more of a spring in my step after our catch-ups.

When we moved down from PosyTown, I wasn’t sure I’d ever have the kind of work relationships here like I did back there, but I have slowly built myself a little work family, and it feels great.

Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea

Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea

We have been making the most of the sunshine on weekends, and getting in long walks to various beaches and bays to charge up for the week ahead. Warmer days are coming, and I can’t wait until I can get back in the water!

Celebrating us

13 years

August marked our 13 year anniversary – while I will normally use any occasion as a reason to celebrate, time got away from us this year, and I think one of us had a work function on so we didn’t bother going out to dinner. We have our wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of months, so we will celebrate then! Now if only we were back in Bora Bora drinking cocktails at sunset…

Counting down to Hamilton

As the weather is starting to warm up, I am fixating more and more on our upcoming trip to Hamilton Island – it can’t come soon enough! I am really looking forward to having time off work, to laze about in the sunshine.

  • Gary Lum (@Yummy_Lummy)
    September 15, 2015

    I’m so hoping the Broncos prevail through to win the premiership. The rivalry this year between Broncos and Roosters has been amazing in terms of the quality of the games.

    • miss posy
      September 23, 2015

      I’ve long thought a Bronx GF is on the cards this year… Should be a good game on Friday!

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