Monthly Highlights: April 2015


April kicked off with a roadtrip down to the Sapphire Coast to visit my Nan and Pop for Easter on the Thursday, but not before a morning at the beach – what I knew would turn out to be our last of the season. It was a beautiful morning, and if it wasn’t for having to hit the road, I could have stayed for hours and hours. I’m glad I got the chance to say farewell to the warmer weather – it helps me accept that it’s really over.

On the way down we spent a night in Our Nation’s Capital to catch up with Mum, and took her to Jamie’s Italian for dinner. It’s definitely more spacious compared to the Sydney franchise, but the food was a bit of a let-down. I’d give it another go, though; perhaps they were just having an off-night.

Sapphire Coast

We got to Nan and Pop’s about lunch time on Good Friday, and my Aunt B and little cousins arrived not long after! I had such a great weekend with my family – baking with my cousin in Nan’s kitchen (like I used to do with my cousin’s mum – my aunt), a ping pong tournament up in the rumpus room with my cousins and Mr Posy, amazing meals accompanied by colourful conversation, a Sunday drive and Easter lunch on the water.

Park Run

Oh, and not to mention the 5km Park Run that my 11 year old cousin talked me into, which thankfully, I survived. My focus in the gym over the past year has been in the weights room and developing my strength, not on my running and increasing cardio fitness, so it wasn’t an easy run, let me tell you. It did make me realise that I want to get back into it though, and while my pace was a little slower than it used to be, my time wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting.

It was hard to say farewell on the Monday, but I was keen to get home to Sydney and back to the furkids. We took the coast road back home, and stopped in at the Famous Berry Donut Van for a bit of fun. We never really got into the whole roadtrip thing back in PosyTown, but have discovered just how much fun they are since moving to Harbour City.


I took the Tuesday off work for roadtrip recovery after a very loooong drive home, and I am so glad I thought ahead to book in the flex day. We started the morning with breakfast and coffee at Balmoral in the sunshine, before parking ourselves on the couch back at home to watch movies all afternoon while a storm rolled in. I went back to work feeling refreshed after six days off!

With the onset of the cooler weather I felt inspired to give the house a big ‘Autumn Clean’ and scoured our little terrace from top to bottom, inside and out, while Taylor Swift boomed down the hallway.

Greek Easter

Our house was sparkling and shining just in time for Greek Easter – and for our much-anticipated lunch in Potts Point. If we were in PosyTown, there would be egg-cracking and Koulourakia (Easter biscuits) and a family BBQ, so Easter lunch at a Greek restaurant here in Harbour City is important to us. Last year we went to Alpha, so this year we thought we would give The Apollo a go. Do you know what the highlight was for me? Not the lamb or the loukoumades (which were both amazing!), but the roast potatoes and the taramasalata. Hands down, the best I have ever had. We will definitely be back, and we have added it to the list of restaurants we want to take Mr Posy’s family.

One of Mr Posy’s best mates was in town for work (they’ve been friends for two decades and he was a groomsmen in our bridal party), so we scheduled in a dinner at Neighbourhood Bondi. I can’t believe I haven’t been there sooner – it looks like this tiny little hole in the wall, until you get inside and realise that the restaurant/bar goes back for days. We had a great catch up – and I am dying to go back for a beef ragu and cheese jaffle…

We squeezed in another day trip down to visit Mum to take her out for lunch for her birthday (we went to Elk & Pea, which was fabulous) and as a bit of a farewell, as she’s about head back to PosyTown (actually – she gets on a plane this afternoon!).

April ended with a week off work – at home in bed, sick – after coming down with a lower respiratory tract infection. After a round of antibiotics, followed by a change of antibiotics (and a swab for whooping cough – came back negative, thankfully), I am feeling a lot better, but I am still driving my colleagues crazy with my cough.


I had to miss the ANZAC Day Dawn Service – I was back at work the day before, but not 100%, and as badly as I wanted to go, I knew it wasn’t a good idea for me to be out in the cold down at the service when it was threatening to rain. I did go to the Roosters vs Dragons ANZAC Cup clash in the afternoon however – it’s my favourite game of the year, with the special pre-match Remembrance Ceremony, the Last Post and the minute silence. The sun was out, it was hot, and the sky was blue when we left home, but we had to leave not long after kick-off when a huge dark storm cloud came rolling in over the stadium and unleashed a torrential downpour followed by HAIL. I managed to stay warm and dry, and we made it back home to catch the second half from my couch. My boys lost. It hurt.

On a more positive note, I was extended in the position I’m currently acting in for a little longer!

Now that April is over, I am excited for May – our family will be here from Melbourne in a fortnight for Mr Posy’s cousin’s wedding! I am so excited to see Niece and Nephew Posy, and to show our family around Harbour City some more.

  • Natalie
    May 6, 2015

    Sounds like a good couple of months… and I recognise some if those views!

    • miss posy
      May 25, 2015

      Hehe, I bet you do! Some of my favourite views in the world. I just wish I could get down there more often.

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