Gift Guide – Christmas 2012

The lead up to Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. Christmas itself often results in anxiety over trying to fairly split our time with all the family so as not to upset anybody, but the lead up to Christmas is where it’s at. Magical Popping Elves, candy canes, Christmas carols, cherries and stone fruits, Christmas movies, driving around looking at houses lit up with Christmas lights, writing and receiving Christmas cards, buying and wrapping presents.

I love that elated feeling that you get when you know you’ve found the perfect gift for somebody. I love wrapping that perfect gift in the gift wrap and ribbon that I have selected, after meticulously selecting my theme for the year. I love the suspense on Christmas Day, as you wait for them to get to your present, and then as they unwrap your gift, and I love watching their face light up as they discover what you have so carefully picked out for them.

What I don’t love about the lead up to Christmas – crowds. I also don’t love the limited shopping range that we have here in PosyTown. This year, I decided I was going to be organised, and do all my shopping from the comfort of my lounge room.

Here is a selection of gifts that I have so carefully chosen for my loved ones (mostly, for the little people, given they don’t read my blog)…

(All prices are in AUD except where specified, and exclude shipping costs)

Sugar and spice and all things nice - Gift Guide for Girls

1. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy Bookends | The Shabby Shed | $99.95

2. Milkmaid Handmade Headband and Polly Pink Handmade Headband | Summerblossom | $15.00 each

3. Stationery Case: Hello Sunshine and Pencil Case | Kikki-K | $29.95 and $16.95

4. 2013 Calendar Cute Animal (4 x 6) | Loopzart on Etsy | $15.00 USD

5. Djeco Collages for Little Ones | Peanut Gallery | $29.95

… Djeco Princesses Create a Story | Motherslove | $32.95

6. Super Adventures of Sophie and the City | Shopbop | $29.99 USD

… Manolo Blahnik & the Tale of the Elves & the Shoemaker | Shopbop | $21.99 USD

… Christian Lacroix & the Tale of Sleeping Beauty | Shopbop | $22.00 USD

… This Little Piggy Went to Prada | Shopbop | $20.00 USD

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails - Gift Guide for Boys

1. Moo, Baa, La La La! and Playbook Farm | Booktopia | $11.50 and $19.95

2. PJ Sets | Peter Alexander | Prices vary

3. Djeco Knights Create a Story | Entropy | $34.95

4. Farm Tractor Truck Set by Discoveroo | Unique Kids | $34.95

5. Men’s Health magazine – 12 month subscription | iSubscribe | $79.00

6. Gold Class Movie Gift Card | Event Cinemas | $75 – $150

7. Dig Dig Digging and My ABC Box of Things that Go! | Booktopia | $7.95 and $26.45

8. Block Stacking Push Along Train | My Wooden Toys | $24.95


I’ve also purchased (and received!) –

Wrapping supplies | The Wrapping Paper Company

Personalised Christmas cards | Minted

Glasshouse Christmas candles | Alfresco Emporium

It’s shaping up to be a very merry Christmas in the Posy household this year!

  • Gary
    December 3, 2012

    Ahh shopping in PosyTown does have its limitations. Thank goodness for on-line shopping and delivery to PosyTown.

    • miss posy
      December 4, 2012

      I would be lost without online shopping!

  • Kiki Chaos
    December 3, 2012

    There are definitely going to be some happy little ones in you life on Christmas Day 🙂 I am so curious about the the little shoeaholic! haha

    We do Kris Kringle so I only have to buy for one couple, and then the kids. You’ve made me realise I need to get cracking.

    • miss posy
      December 4, 2012

      I really hope so, Keeks! Can’t wait to see their little faces.

      I still need to buy gifts for my mum, my dad and his partner … + finish buying for Mr Posy… Eeeep! Also for my BIL and his wife, but we’re getting them a voucher to a restaurant, so that’s easy.

      Three weeks to go!

  • Brooke
    December 12, 2012

    Love the kikki-k stationery set! And your etsy finds too. Boy that site just overwhelms me.

    • miss posy
      December 13, 2012

      It was The Etail Queen who reminded me to check Kikki K – I forgot they also did stuff for the younger demographic!

      Etsy is good when you have an idea of what you’re looking for, and can narrow it down with keywords. I can’t just browse, it’s seriously overwhelming!

  • Gina
    July 8, 2013

    I usually get my gifts for christmas for my nieces from Little Kiddies Australia. They have an awesome collection and affordable too.

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