Monthly Highlights: December 2015

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more tired, December rolled around…

The Haven and Macs Beach

Having lived in Sydney for two years now, we thought it was time that we finally checked out the beaches on offer on the Central Coast, so we headed north early on a sunny Saturday morning. The surf conditions were pretty rough, so we grabbed a coffee while we checked out Terrigal, Avoca Beach and Macmasters Beach before heading back to Sydney after lunch. Of the three, I was most impressed with Avoca Beach, however it was much easier to grab a car park at Macmasters Beach!


We also finally made a visit to Doyles at Watsons Bay – a Sydney institution! – for fish and chips on the beach. I would go as far to say that they were the best fish and chips I’ve had… ever. And I can’t wait to go back. I had a good laugh when I realised that the scallops were indeed scallops of the sea variety (and boy were they delicious), and not potato cakes!

Art of Brick

Mr Posy’s birthday was a low-key affair this year – a casual dinner and cocktails at Bills on his actual birthday (I had planned to take him to Avila Crepes, but for some reason they were closed!), and a trip to the Powerhouse Museum to check out The Art of Brick: DC Comics exhibit on the weekend, followed by dinner at Otto at Woolloomooloo. The exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum was fantastic – even I was impressed.

Opera House sunset

By some miracle, my work girlfriends and I managed to schedule in Christmas drinks in between other social events before we all went off on leave for the year, and somehow snagged a fantastic table at Cruise Bar. It was great to have a few drinks, some snacks, and a lot of laughs with friends to finish off the working year, particularly after a hectic few months at work.

On the topic of work, Mr Posy and I were both very fortunate to have the full two weeks off over Christmas and New Year, as both our workplaces had a stand-down period. I think this was the first year since about 2007 that we had the entire period off, and it was absolutely fantastic!

My C&NY break started with a half day on the Friday for my work team lunch at Ms Gs in Potts Point. There was a lot of food and I had a lot of fun – it was a great way to finish up at work for 2015. Meanwhile, poor Mr Posy had to put in a full day, and didn’t get home until later than usual, so that he could get through everything before going on leave…


We spent Christmas in Melbourne with Mr Posy’s family this year – it had been a while since we were last down, and Niece and Nephew Posy are so grown now! We squeezed in some bowling, a couple of trips to the movies (Star Wars + Alvin and the Chipmunks), lego, craft, games, presents, lots of food, and even more cuddles. The kids are very good at laying on the guilt trip (“Why did you take so long to visit me, Aunty Posy”, “I was so sad this morning – because you weren’t here yet”, “I’ve missed you and I’m so glad you’re here”) and it was hard to say goodbye, but we are all getting much better at it!


With fantastic weather over the break, we spent a lot of time at the beach – Freshie, North Bondi, Bronte. Relaxing at the beach with a book or a magazine and a swim in the surf was just what I needed!

Hyams Beach

We also took a day trip down the South Coast to Hyams Beach, which was absolutely incredible. We had some really beautiful weather and the water was even warmer than it had been at North Bondi, and fortunately we were there the day before the sharks decided to join in the fun with the holidayers frolicking in the water..

Park Hyatt High Tea

As is becoming a tradition before we head back to work for the new year, Mr Posy and I spent a lovely couple of hours one afternoon enjoying high tea at the Park Hyatt and watching the ferries on the Harbour. It was a glorious day and the food was – as always – amazing.

Our New Year’s Eve was quiet again this year – dinner and champagne at home with a couple of movies, before walking down the street to watch the 9pm fireworks… I fell asleep before the main event again this year, but woke up once the midnight fireworks started (wow were they loud!) – where I watched them from my bed, before going back to sleep once they finished! One year we’ll do the big Sydney NYE on the Harbour, but I was happy to see out 2015 at home in my pyjamas.

Monthly Highlights: November 2015

November was over before it even began – it almost feels like I blinked and missed an entire month! Almost…



When my boss left me back in October, we scheduled a coffee date to give us something to look forward to. We arranged to meet up at Rushcutters for a doggy and daughter date – she brought along her human child, and I brought along my child of the fur variety (PosyDog) and we let them run about in the park together. It was a beautiful sunny day (after initially threatening to rain), and the girls had a fab time while we had a coffee and a good chat. Miss 10 was quite taken with PosyDog, and it was pretty clear that PosyDog was also very fond of Miss 10. That reminds me – we really need to schedule in another date, especially now that the weather is warming up!

Wedding of 2016

One of my loveliest friends is getting married next year, and I was very excited when the wedding invitation arrived in the mail. I was on the computer straight away booking flights and accommodation for THE wedding of 2016. She and her fiancé live on a cattle station and are having a destination wedding on the west coast, and I cannot wait to watch her walk down the aisle!


Dad was in town briefly after a whirlwind trip south for a wedding, and we spent the afternoon catching up. It was great to see him, even if only for a couple of hours. I keep hoping that he might move down this way, but I think that is probably still about a decade off…

Taylor Swift (Sydney 2015)

Oh. My. Taylor. I had been looking forward to this concert since I booked the tickets a year ago. Actually, I had been looking forward to her concert since the very second she finished her last Sydney concert in December 2013 ha. My aunt and little cousin came down and spent the weekend with us – it was my cousin’s very first concert, and it was so much fun to be part of that experience with her, and to spend time with my aunt.


After a very few hectic months at work, my boss forced me to take a flex day – I was supposed to take it at the beginning of the month, but I managed to negotiate taking it the Friday of our trip to Hamilton Island so that I could unwind a little in advance. It wasn’t until I actually stopped that I realised just how exhausted I really was – and that I was probably headed to Meltdown Town if I hadn’t taken a break when I did. I used my day off to meet a friend for lunch, and then I went for a mani/pedi in preparation for Hamilton.

Hamilton Island November 2015

Back in May the cold, rainy, grey weather combined with lurgy after lurgy got the better of me, and I booked a trip to Hamilton Island for a few days of sunshine and warmth. I will write a proper post about our trip later, but we spent four days soaking up the sun, swimming in our pavilion, eating and drinking, making friends with the locals (the wildlife!), and occasionally leaving the island… to visit other islands. It was incredible.

Our trip was also a great way to celebrate our second wedding anniversary – we spent the day taking a helicopter out to the Great Barrier Reef for a snorkel and to Whitehaven Beach for a picnic and a swim, before heading back to the resort to sit down to an 8-course degustation for dinner. Incredible.

November is fast becoming one of my favourite months of the year!

Monthly Highlights: September-October 2015

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any busier, it did, and after drowning in work the past couple of months, I feel like I am finally coming up for air..



Blues Point Reserve

Right before work got absolutely hectic, I managed to squeeze in a flex day at the beginning of September, and I spent the day catching up with a good friend and one of her children. My friend had a physio appointment, so her little boy and I had a coffee date together, before the three of us soaked up a little sunshine in a park with possibly the best view in Sydney on the north side of The Bridge.

Sydney Opera House

Mr Posy subscribes to a number of eDMs to keep up to date with events happening across Sydney (many of which I also now subscribe to), and I knew when I received an email from Sydney Opera House back in July that I would soon be getting a call from Mr Posy. Sure enough, a few events had caught his eye, and we found ourselves at The House at the beginning of September for The Moth: Razor’s Edge as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, and then again at the end of the month to see Kevin Smith speak as part of the Graphic Festival. I went in not knowing what to expect for The Moth, and I absolutely loved it – I laughed and cried! I went in with fairly low expectations for Kevin Smith, but I had a good laugh! My favourite about the events at the Sydney Opera House was catching the SOH seal having a nap on the back stairs…

Roosters vs Bulldogs

While my boys made Minor Premiers for the third year in a row, sadly they did not make it to the grand final. It was much the same as last year, where we lost the first game which we should have won, and that changed the whole sequence of events for the finals series. We managed to claw our way through, and a win against Bulldogs meant that we had just one game between us and the grand final. However, I had long thought that the Broncos would be in the grand final, so when Brisbane was the last game before the main event, as much as I didn’t want it to be true, I knew we were out. And we were. Hopefully we will see some new signings with the Roosters soon – I’m still pretty sad that we lost RTS to the Warriors (and I’m still not over Mini retiring in 2014!)… Crossing my fingers that 2016 is a good year for my team.

Coogee Beach

It took us almost two years, but we finally did the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, and it wasn’t even planned! We went down to Bondi for the Festival of the Winds, but it was such a nice day that we decided to walk on to Bronte… and then we were enjoying the sun so much that we just kept walking – until we ended up at Coogee. Unfortunately, because we weren’t planning to be out in the sun, I wasn’t wearing sunscreen and I ended up with a nasty case of sunburn on my shoulders. I was so cross with myself – I can’t remember the last time I did that. All I could think was ‘skin cells in trauma, skin cells in trauma…’… Luckily I was wearing sunglasses and a hat, so my face was protected. It was a beautiful walk, and we definitely need to do it again now that the weather is warmer, but next time I’ll make sure I am prepared!


Not only did I say farewell to my direct line manager on the project that I’ve been working on since July at the beginning of the month, but my boss for my substantive position then told me at the end of the month that she was also leaving me moving on, so that was fairly crushing!

The project that I was seconded to work on back in July really started to heat up towards the end of the month, which triggered some very long work days, and a lot of extra stress. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now, though – I love working with my project team and I feel like I am really in my element with my work.


Roosters vs Storm

Dad stopped in on his way back home from a trip to New Zealand, and we managed to catch the Roosters’ first qualifying final game together. Unfortunately, we lost (which was the start of our downhill slide…). I joked that he and his other half aren’t allowed to come to any more games in the future, because whenever they attend, we lose!


I have been missing two of my favourite little people (aka Niece and Nephew Posy), so we booked a trip to Melbourne to spend some time with them for a few days… Not long to go now!

Perhaps most excitingly, I FOUND OUT I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNTY AGAIN! On my side of the family! MY LITTLE BROTHER IS GOING TO BE A DAD! The baby is due at the end of March 2016, and I can’t wait!



Work, work, work, work, and more work. Now that I have come out the other side, it is a little mind blowing thinking back over just how hectic work was throughout October. My project hit crunch time, and that meant some very long days. I was working 10-11 hour days in the office, and then heading home and working another 3-4 hours on the laptop. There were a lot of meetings and briefings and Q&As, and there was also quite a bit of tension and anxiety and some general unpleasantness. Despite all this, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now – this project is challenging and it keeps me busy, and I am working with fantastic people and I have an amazing boss. I am very fortunate!


EQ Food Truck Jam

I currently have a bit of a fascination with food trucks (I know, I’m only like 5 years late to the party…), so when I heard about the EQ Food Truck Jam, I put it in the calendar. We got there early (just after 5pm) – along with the rest of Sydney. I knew it would be busy, but I wasn’t prepared for just how busy it was, and I also wasn’t prepared for all the different choices. Sadly, I wish I had done a bit more research about which vendors would be there, because Mr Posy and I spent the entire time standing in line for two vendors, and we weren’t wowed by either of them. We called it a night early (which by this time was actually close to 9pm we’d been waiting around in line for so long), and it was only once I got home and had a look at Instagram that I realised how many other vendors I would have liked to check out, and how quickly other lines moved. We know better for next time…


With the warmer weather over the October long weekend, Mr Posy and I hit the beach for the first swim of the season. It was brilliant. I was expecting the water to be absolutely freezing, but once I was actually swimming about in the waves, it was beautiful. I am hoping for warm days over the Christmas break, because I plan on getting to the beach as much as possible!

Sydney icons

The October long weekend also marked two years in Sydney for Mr Posy and me. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here two years already – time has really flown by – but then it is also hard to believe we’ve only been here two years… it’s almost hard to remember a time before Sydney, and it feels like we’ve always been here.

Sculpture by the Sea 2015

Sculpture by the Sea is one of my favourite events on the calendar, and I look forward to it each year. We started at 6.30am the first Saturday that it opened, by which time the coastal walk was already swarming with people, but it was less busy than last year when we started just after 7am. Oh the difference half an hour makes! We were able to walk to Tamarama and back to check out the sculptures without too much pain, and then we went to Bills for breakfast, which has become our tradition.

7 Bridges

I am not sure what possessed me to sign us up for the 7 Bridges Walk, and I can tell you that more than 27km later (32km once we added in getting there and home), I am not in a hurry to do it again! The walk went a little bit like this

Start: “Oh this will be so much fun, I can’t wait! … This line is taking forever… We should have started at Observatory Hill, this line is taking too long… Oh yay, we finally have our packs and we can start the walk. This will be so much fun! … Oh, look, a jacaranda tree in bloom with the Anzac Bridge in the background – how beautiful! “

1/4 way: “Why did I think this would be a good idea?”

1/2 way: “Why on earth did I sign up for this? What was I thinking?

3/4 way: “I am never doing this again. I must have been insane when I signed up for this. Never again. If I ever say that I want to sign up for this again, remind me of this moment.”

7/8 way: “Oh yay, we are walking over the Harbour Bridge for the first time! This is amazing! This is so beautiful! I feel so alive. This walk is incredible!”

9/10: “Never again. Never, ever again.”

Finish: “OHMYGOD I AM ALIVE. I FINISHED. WE MADE IT. That was the best walk ever. I can’t wait to sign up next year!”


It was a very pretty walk, and it was a fantastic way to see Sydney, and I probably will do the walk again at some point in the future, but I am not in a hurry to go out and sign up for the event in 2016. I knew that it would not be easy – it’s more than 27km and there are a lot of hills, but I wasn’t expecting it to take quite so much out of me, and I was not expecting my blisters to have blisters! Despite this, it was a nice way to end the month, and I am glad that we did it.

Monthly Highlights: August 2015

August was a little hectic when it came to work, but on a social level, my calendar was probably the most quiet it has been all year. It was nice to have the time to take a breath, and just relax… somewhat.

The common thread this month was sport, along with rest and relaxation:

Swans vs Crows


We finally managed to get to a Swans game at the SCG! Sadly Goodsey wasn’t playing, but it was absolutely incredible to be part of the standing ovation held in the third quarter at the seventh minute in his honour. I was happy to get the win over the Crows – one of my good friends is a Crows supporter and we’d been having a bit of a banter in the lead up to the game.

Wallabies vs All Blacks


I bought these tickets on a bit of a whim – I’ve wanted to get to a Wallabies game for a while, and I certainly picked the right game to attend. It was the Wallabies first win over the All Blacks since like 2011, and they won in front of nearly 74,000 people, to keep the hope for the Bledisloe Cup alive. Sadly they were slaughtered over in NZ a week later, but it was great to see them win 27-19 here in Sydney!

City to Surf

City to Surf

I have been talking about running the City to Surf for years, and I finally took part… as a spectator, not a participant! My boss ran, so I went down to cheer her on and say hello at the finish line, after smashing an amazing breakfast at Avila Crepes. I’m still in a bit of shock that I managed to find her in the sea of people! A couple of Mr Posy’s colleagues also ran, along with his boss, and we stopped by his workplace’s corporate tent to say hello. It was beautiful day, so we continued our walk on to Bronte to soak up the sunshine (and get away from the crowd).

Roosters vs Eels

Roosters vs Eels

I knew that this game wouldn’t be an easy win, and when the supporters in front of us said “This should be an easy game – we’ll beat Parra easily!” right before kick-off, I wanted to shake them. Way to jinx it.

At halftime, we were I think down 4-18, and I knew the boys would have to dig deep in the second half to beat the Eels. Thankfully, they came out firing, and we finished with a 28-18 win.

Roosters vs Broncos

Roosters vs Broncos

This game was an important one, because it affected our chances for the minor premiership – we needed this win. Along with wanting the two points, I wanted the win because my brother supports the Broncos, so bragging rights were up for grabs. It was a long, tough, low-scoring game, and by the end of it my nerves were totally shot. We won 12-10, but I was so panicked that we were going to lose it in the last 60 seconds, and the win was at great cost with a couple of significant injuries to key players.

Catching up with colleagues


I am still really enjoying the project that I am working on, and I really like the people that I am working with in the project team, but I am still missing some of my mates over at my usual workplace. We have been making sure that we schedule semi-regular coffee and lunch dates (and the occasional impromptu after-work drink), and I can’t explain just how much I look forward to these. I always feel that little bit lighter and happier and have more of a spring in my step after our catch-ups.

When we moved down from PosyTown, I wasn’t sure I’d ever have the kind of work relationships here like I did back there, but I have slowly built myself a little work family, and it feels great.

Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea

Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea

We have been making the most of the sunshine on weekends, and getting in long walks to various beaches and bays to charge up for the week ahead. Warmer days are coming, and I can’t wait until I can get back in the water!

Celebrating us

13 years

August marked our 13 year anniversary – while I will normally use any occasion as a reason to celebrate, time got away from us this year, and I think one of us had a work function on so we didn’t bother going out to dinner. We have our wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of months, so we will celebrate then! Now if only we were back in Bora Bora drinking cocktails at sunset…

Counting down to Hamilton

As the weather is starting to warm up, I am fixating more and more on our upcoming trip to Hamilton Island – it can’t come soon enough! I am really looking forward to having time off work, to laze about in the sunshine.

Monthly Highlights: June-July 2015

June and July disappeared in the blink of an eye – and I think it’s safe to say that the days and weeks are going to fly by from now until the end of the year.



Back in May I applied for the job that I’ve been acting in for a little while now, and I received word at the beginning of June that I had been shortlisted for interview, scheduled for towards the middle of the month. I spent almost two weeks riding a rollercoaster of anxiety, excitement, stress, and fear in anticipation. One minute I’d be thinking ‘I can’t do this, I just want it to be over, I feel sick’, and the next it was ‘I can do this, I’m going to nail my interview, I will totally smash it, I’ve got this, I can do it, I know I can’.


I was completely exhausted by the time the interview was over, and really needed to recharge after the busy weeks leading up to my interview. I was so glad that I had scheduled in a half day flex for the following day (a Friday afternoon), so that I could just go home and start my weekend early. By coincidence, it was the same weekend that S3 of Orange is the New Black hit Netflix, so I spent a lot of time horizontal on the couch, with the occasional break thrown in for some sunshine and fresh air.

Mr Posy started his new job, and I am so pleased that he landed such a great gig, in what sounds like a fantastic organisation with terrific people. I love hearing about his day, and even though we are adjusting to a new routine, he is so happy in his new role, and I am so incredibly proud of him and all his accomplishments.



I got the phone call that I had been hoping for – I won my job! Yay! I signed my letter of offer and sent it off; the ink had barely had a chance to dry before I found myself on secondment. I am working in a special project team in a different building, and will be here until the end of the year at this stage. My team members are fantastic and the work is interesting and keeping me busy (and great for my CV!), but I am missing my mates back at my usual workplace a little (and I think they miss me too a little!). With that said, I am only a ten minute walk away (sadly our walkie talkies do not work…)!



One of my little cousins plays representative hockey for her region, so when she was here in Sydney for a hockey carnival, I went out to watch her play. It was nice to spend a few hours sitting in the warm sun shooting the breeze with my aunt and Mr Posy, while cheering on my cousin. Her team did really well, though I was a little shocked that some of the girls in the opposing teams were under 12 – when did tweens get so tall?!


Flour and Stone

Mr Posy and I made the trek up north to visit family (armed with pannacotta lamingtons and other goodies from my favourite bakery – I am not one to arrive empty-handed) – my grandparents were up visiting my little cousins for the school holidays, so we took advantage of them only being a two hour drive away instead of eight! It was so great to spend the day with them all, but I always leave feeling so sad because a) we’re saying good bye, and b) we lived so far away for so many years and I will never get that time back.



One of my workmates had a birthday, so we celebrated with a few drinks at Wild Rover on a Friday after work in her honour. While we had planned to just have a few sensible drinks, we somehow managed to find ourselves at a pub around the corner many drinks later (thankfully I had the wisdom to swap to water). … which always seems to be the way when our little group gets together!

I took a flex day towards the end of the month, and spent it with a lovely friend and her two eldest children. We spent the morning watching ‘Inside Out’, and then spent the afternoon having a chat. I had a really great day – I adore her kids, and they really lifted my spirits.


We kicked off the month with a birthday lunch in Balmain for a friend, and had a great couple of hours at the Cat & Fiddle. It reminded me that we really don’t get over that way enough.


A lovely ex-colleague was over visiting from the West Coast, so we got our little secret squirrel group together for dinner and drinks. We started our pre-dinner drinks at Grain for a change, before heading to our favourite Japanese restaurant in the Rocks. Many hours later, three of the five ended up at Cruise Bar (with two having the good sense to go home!), and later some random pub in Circular Quay after midnight. I haven’t been out so late in quite some time, and really felt it the next day (yes, apparently I am 80 years old). Our West Coast correspondent really is the bad influence of the group…

As part of my workmate’s birthday shenanigans back in June, I somehow managed to agree to go to see Magic Mike XXL in Gold Class. I’d guess it had something to do with the champagne…  Anyhow, a couple of days before our night out, I finally watched the first movie, and while I’d expected that it would be quite terrible, I was surprised that it actually wasn’t too bad. The sequel was a whole other story. I went in with low expectations, but wow.



We missed the Roosters vs Storm and Roosters vs Titans home games given I was sick – but I was pleased that we got the wins!

Ice skating

We did manage to make it to both Winter Garden Sydney (gorgeous location) and Bondi Winter Magic (fabulous!) for ice skating sessions at twilight and had the best time.


We missed the Roosters vs Warriors home game (we won!), again thanks to one of my many bugs…


After a number of missed home games due to sickness, we finally made it back for the Roosters vs Bulldogs game, and we won! Only just. But we won… It was also Pearcey’s 200th game, so I was glad to be there for the win.

Health & Wellbeing


My cold from May continued well into June, and morphed into a nasty sinus infection. I initially tried to fight it off, before realising that it was only getting worse, not better, and after a trip to my GP, I came away with prescriptions for two different antibiotics and corticosteroid, as well as a recommendation to pick up a sinus wash kit. Now I can’t say that I’ve ever fancied salt water going up my nasal passages, but ohmygod, the stuff was absolutely life changing. By the time the end of the month rolled around, I was feeling a lot better having finally kicked my sinus infection and the last of my LRTI, after almost three months of feeling pretty bloody awful.

We had another burst of absolutely miserable weather in the middle of the month, and before I knew it, I found myself booking us in for a little getaway to Lord Howe Island for early next year. What can I say – I was also on a lot of meds at the time… I am really looking forward to it, and I plan to take a lot of photographs. My Nan and Pop honeymooned there over fifty years ago, and I can’t wait to show them photos from our trip (I don’t think it will have changed a great deal)!


Thankfully I managed to stay well throughout July… but unfortunately Mr Posy came down with the dreaded lurgy! He has not had much of a good run either when it comes to illness lately, but so far we have managed to avoid the ghastly Influenza this year.

Bora Bora

Winter has not been good for me this year – while I didn’t book any holidays this month, we did manage to narrow down our destination choice for our trip after Lord Howe Island next year. We are thinking either back to the Society Islands (but this time to Moorea), or over to the Cook Islands (Aitutaki). Meanwhile, we haven’t even been on our getaway to Hamilton Island yet! Whoops… With that said, planning will keep me busy for a while.I can’t wait to be back out on a kayak in the sunshine.

Monthly Highlights: May 2015

May was the busiest month of 2015 yet for my little household, and so far it is sitting firmly in the #1 spot for my favourite month this year.

My May highlights managed to fit nicely into five neat categories: Work, Family, Friends, Events, and Health & Wellbeing.


I had the pleasure of attending a networking / professional development breakfast at the beginning of the month, thanks to my boss who nominated me to go along to the event. There would have been over 600 people in attendance from various organisations, and we were seated at tables with the CEO/other senior staff member and other employees from our respective organisations. The keynote speaker and panel discussion left me feeling very motivated and inspired about my own career, and it both reignited and reconfirmed my passion for the path in which I see my career taking.

The breakfast couldn’t have come at a better time, because the position that I have been acting in for the past six months was advertised, and I had to pull my job application together! Fingers crossed…


Mr Posy has been working remotely for his organisation back in PosyTown since we moved to Harbour City, which means that he got the PosyTown public holiday, so I took a Flex Day so that we could enjoy the day together. The weather was pretty miserable, so we skipped our original plan of a long, leisurely breakfast somewhere on the water and instead went to Bar Indigo in Double Bay, before heading to the MCA to catch the Light Show exhibition. I’m still a little bit confused by the free wifi and exhibition social media hashtag at the exhibition entrance/exit given you weren’t allowed to so much as use your device let alone take photos (what and how are they expecting people to share?) but I did enjoy the installations/sculptures. The exhibition finishes up at the MCA on 5 July, so if you haven’t been yet, you’re running out of time!



I know it is clichéd, but the years really are flying by – as evidenced by my little PosyDog turning 7! It’s hard to believe my teeny tiny puppy is now middle-aged. She is definitely no longer a sprightly young pup – I know she still has many years ahead of her (God, I hope so, anyway), but it does make my heart hurt, being able to visibly see her ageing.

Airport pickup

One of the biggest highlights for the month was our family visiting from Melbourne! Mr Posy’s cousin had his wedding here in Sydney, so Mr Posy’s parents, brother, SIL, and Niece and Nephew Posy came to visit our lovely city for a long weekend – and thankfully Sydney turned on the charm! Niece and Nephew Posy came in our car on the drive home from the airport (with the rest of Mr Posy’s family behind us in a hire car), and I asked them what they wanted to do while they were visiting. Nephew Posy wanted to see the dinosaur robots (what?), while Niece Posy wanted to watch The Smurfs at our place. This made my heart feel like it would burst for two reasons – this was the movie that we took Niece Posy to watch at the cinema before we left PosyTown, and it was also the movie that she watched on DVD when she was visiting us for our wedding 18 months ago. So sweet.

It was so great having the family here – despite them bringing a nasty bug which they kindly shared with us – we had a really fun four days. I was in absolute agony the day after Mr Posy’s cousin’s wedding, as Niece Posy had me on the dancefloor (in my heels!) all night! It was a not the Big Fat Greek Wedding that I was expecting, but instead a Very Small Greek Wedding, and finished with Nephew Posy falling asleep in my arms on the dancefloor while strumming his air guitar to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer. This was after all the Greek dancing, obviously! We had a lovely night, and it was so nice to celebrate with the immediate and extended family.

I did shed a little tear after we waved them off at their airport gate – it is really tough saying goodbye, and I think even harder when you are the one left standing in the airport.


Crazy schedules took some coordinating for drinks with the work girls – but we managed to organise not one catch-up, but two. The first was of the more sensible variety – just a mid-week couple of wines after work at this cool little bar in Surry Hills (The Wild Rover), which finished up around 7.30pm.

The Rocks

The second catch up was a little less sensible, with the missing member of our posse (the bad influence ha) visiting from Perth. It started with after work drinks at a bar in Circular Quay, followed by dinner and more drinks at a Japanese restaurant in The Rocks, and ended with a night cap (I bowed out and went with water) at The Orient. I think I got on a train about 10pm. On a Tuesday night. Not a big night for most, but it was a late night for me, especially having to go to work the next day.

I had been in a bit of an off mood before our not-so-sensible drinks – I was feeling emotional, irritable and overwhelmed – but I felt so much better on Wednesday. A little tired and dusty, sure, but in a much better headspace. Spending time chatting with the girls and laughing until I nearly fell off my chair was exactly what I didn’t even know I needed.


The Script

The month started with us painting the town green – we went to The Script concert. I actually had tickets when they were touring back in 2013, but unfortunately we weren’t able to make the concert, and I very nearly missed that they were touring in 2015, so I’m lucky I managed to snag tickets for decent seats before they were gone! I know this is a big call – but this concert was, without a doubt, right up there for me as one of my favourites of all time. I’m talking nearly-bumped-Taylor Swift’s-2013-concert-which-I-LOVED-out-of-top-spot good. Even Mr Posy agreed that it was right up there as one of the top concerts that he has been to. The atmosphere was amazing, the band’s interaction with the audience was mind-blowing (they went into the audience, multiple times!) – the concert was incredible. I loved it. I couldn’t stop talking about how great the concert was for days afterwards!

Roosters and Sydney FC

We missed the Roosters vs Tigers game at Allianz last year, as Mr Posy had to go up to PosyTown for work, so I was very excited about this face-off: my team vs Mr Posy’s team (though somebody looks like a very confused supporter in this photo, wearing his Roosters lanyard as we’re ticketed members, haha). We gave them a hiding – we thrashed the Tigers 36-4. I tried not to gloat too much…

We were back at Allianz the next night to watch Sydney FC take on Adelaide United in the semi-final – what a win! It was so great to cheer on Sydney FC, and the atmosphere was incredible with nearly 27,000 people in attendance. If it hadn’t been for Mr Posy’s cousin’s wedding, we would have been on a flight down to Melbourne to watch them take on Melbourne Victory in the grand final. We should really be thankful that we weren’t able to fly down though, given Sydney FC copped a 3-0 thrashing… It’s bad enough losing a game and having to walk/drive home, never mind flying to another city only to watch your team lose!

Vivid Sydney 2015

Vivid Sydney has long been one of my favourite events on the calendar – when we lived in PosyTown I used to time our visits to Sydney with this incredible light festival. Back in February we booked in dinner at Café Sydney for the first official night of Vivid, with the intention that we would eat out on the balcony overlooking Circular Quay, before walking around to check out all the light installations. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas, and it absolutely bucketed down – and we had to cancel our dinner reservation. Mr Posy was also a bit under the weather (I couldn’t help myself) after catching his family’s bug when they were visiting, so we didn’t get down to Vivid until the second weekend. By this time, Mr Posy had passed on his family’s bug, and I should have really been home in bed, but possibly ill with a fever and not making very wise choices, I decided that we were going to check out Vivid. On a Saturday night.

It was absolutely packed, I was miserable and felt so unwell the whole time, and really didn’t enjoy myself as much as I usually do. Instead of stopping to check out each of the installations, we whizzed past everything as quickly as we could (as quickly as you can when you can barely move because there are so many people out and about), just so we could get through it and get home. A giant shame really, because there were some really great installations around this year.

Game-changers Matthew Weiner

The night after we had tickets to Game-changers: Matthew Weiner at Town Hall – a talk with Matthew Weiner (series creator and executive producer of Mad Men, executive producer and writer on The Sopranos) and Kate Mulvany. I was still feeling fairly unwell, but knew that Mr Posy really wanted to go along to the talk, so armed myself with tissues and throat lozenges and dosed up on Demazin. I wish I had jotted down notes when I got home or the next day at work, because there were so many great ideas that were touched on and so many points that really struck a chord with me, and I would have liked to be able to look back over them. I will have to check with Mr Posy to see if he wrote any notes, and if he didn’t, what he remembers from the talk…

Health & Wellbeing

After feeling ill for almost a month courtesy of the lower respiratory tract infection that I picked up from my cousins over Easter, I was finally starting to feel better, when Mr Posy shared his grotty bug with me that his family brought up from Melbourne on their visit. I tried to fight it off with fresh juices and lots of Demazin to no avail, and have only now just managed to kick it, and it’s the middle of June…

Thanks to being sick for so long, I missed quite a bit of gym, and I lost a lot of strength that I had worked so hard on building up in the weights room. I am working back up to where I was before Easter, and hopefully I can continue to build on my weights from there!

Rainy, grey weather is not very good for me. And when it rains for days and feels like it will never end, it makes me do crazy things. Like book island holidays… We booked a little getaway to Hamilton Island for later in the year – and I am counting down to what I hope will be four days of sunshine and warmth! With that said, I am so keen for some rest and relaxation, and I’ve already managed to over-schedule our time there, so enforced relaxation because of rain wouldn’t entirely be the worst thing… But I am crossing my fingers for fabulous weather.

Monthly Highlights: April 2015


April kicked off with a roadtrip down to the Sapphire Coast to visit my Nan and Pop for Easter on the Thursday, but not before a morning at the beach – what I knew would turn out to be our last of the season. It was a beautiful morning, and if it wasn’t for having to hit the road, I could have stayed for hours and hours. I’m glad I got the chance to say farewell to the warmer weather – it helps me accept that it’s really over.

On the way down we spent a night in Our Nation’s Capital to catch up with Mum, and took her to Jamie’s Italian for dinner. It’s definitely more spacious compared to the Sydney franchise, but the food was a bit of a let-down. I’d give it another go, though; perhaps they were just having an off-night.

Sapphire Coast

We got to Nan and Pop’s about lunch time on Good Friday, and my Aunt B and little cousins arrived not long after! I had such a great weekend with my family – baking with my cousin in Nan’s kitchen (like I used to do with my cousin’s mum – my aunt), a ping pong tournament up in the rumpus room with my cousins and Mr Posy, amazing meals accompanied by colourful conversation, a Sunday drive and Easter lunch on the water.

Park Run

Oh, and not to mention the 5km Park Run that my 11 year old cousin talked me into, which thankfully, I survived. My focus in the gym over the past year has been in the weights room and developing my strength, not on my running and increasing cardio fitness, so it wasn’t an easy run, let me tell you. It did make me realise that I want to get back into it though, and while my pace was a little slower than it used to be, my time wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting.

It was hard to say farewell on the Monday, but I was keen to get home to Sydney and back to the furkids. We took the coast road back home, and stopped in at the Famous Berry Donut Van for a bit of fun. We never really got into the whole roadtrip thing back in PosyTown, but have discovered just how much fun they are since moving to Harbour City.


I took the Tuesday off work for roadtrip recovery after a very loooong drive home, and I am so glad I thought ahead to book in the flex day. We started the morning with breakfast and coffee at Balmoral in the sunshine, before parking ourselves on the couch back at home to watch movies all afternoon while a storm rolled in. I went back to work feeling refreshed after six days off!

With the onset of the cooler weather I felt inspired to give the house a big ‘Autumn Clean’ and scoured our little terrace from top to bottom, inside and out, while Taylor Swift boomed down the hallway.

Greek Easter

Our house was sparkling and shining just in time for Greek Easter – and for our much-anticipated lunch in Potts Point. If we were in PosyTown, there would be egg-cracking and Koulourakia (Easter biscuits) and a family BBQ, so Easter lunch at a Greek restaurant here in Harbour City is important to us. Last year we went to Alpha, so this year we thought we would give The Apollo a go. Do you know what the highlight was for me? Not the lamb or the loukoumades (which were both amazing!), but the roast potatoes and the taramasalata. Hands down, the best I have ever had. We will definitely be back, and we have added it to the list of restaurants we want to take Mr Posy’s family.

One of Mr Posy’s best mates was in town for work (they’ve been friends for two decades and he was a groomsmen in our bridal party), so we scheduled in a dinner at Neighbourhood Bondi. I can’t believe I haven’t been there sooner – it looks like this tiny little hole in the wall, until you get inside and realise that the restaurant/bar goes back for days. We had a great catch up – and I am dying to go back for a beef ragu and cheese jaffle…

We squeezed in another day trip down to visit Mum to take her out for lunch for her birthday (we went to Elk & Pea, which was fabulous) and as a bit of a farewell, as she’s about head back to PosyTown (actually – she gets on a plane this afternoon!).

April ended with a week off work – at home in bed, sick – after coming down with a lower respiratory tract infection. After a round of antibiotics, followed by a change of antibiotics (and a swab for whooping cough – came back negative, thankfully), I am feeling a lot better, but I am still driving my colleagues crazy with my cough.


I had to miss the ANZAC Day Dawn Service – I was back at work the day before, but not 100%, and as badly as I wanted to go, I knew it wasn’t a good idea for me to be out in the cold down at the service when it was threatening to rain. I did go to the Roosters vs Dragons ANZAC Cup clash in the afternoon however – it’s my favourite game of the year, with the special pre-match Remembrance Ceremony, the Last Post and the minute silence. The sun was out, it was hot, and the sky was blue when we left home, but we had to leave not long after kick-off when a huge dark storm cloud came rolling in over the stadium and unleashed a torrential downpour followed by HAIL. I managed to stay warm and dry, and we made it back home to catch the second half from my couch. My boys lost. It hurt.

On a more positive note, I was extended in the position I’m currently acting in for a little longer!

Now that April is over, I am excited for May – our family will be here from Melbourne in a fortnight for Mr Posy’s cousin’s wedding! I am so excited to see Niece and Nephew Posy, and to show our family around Harbour City some more.

Monthly Highlights: January-March 2015

This year, instead of meticulously recording every new cafe I visited, movie I saw, book I read, or occasion I celebrated and then posting a mammoth update once a quarter, I thought I would commit to putting together a list of my highlights for each month. A good idea, I thought, in theory, but given I was in denial until the end of February about 2015 actually commencing, here I am wrapping my planned monthly updates into a quarterly post.


High Tea at Park Hyatt Sydney

We caught the first sunrise of 2015 down at Bondi, which was a fantastic way to kick off the month and the new year (not to mention my Birthday Month). I didn’t get in nearly as many beach days as I did last year, but the weather cooperated for the few days I had off work at the beginning of the month, for which I am grateful. After saying for an entire year that I would book it in, I finally had High Tea at the Park Hyatt, and I think it’s my favourite in Sydney so far. Not only was the food and view to die for, the service was fantastic, and I have been raving about it to anybody who will listen ever since.

Open Air Cinema Sydney

After missing out on the St George Open Air Cinema last year, I made sure I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale this year. The rain held off (yay) and we saw ‘Men, Women & Children’, which was an interesting take on the way technology and the internet has impacted relationships, our self-image and the way we communicate. I loved the whole outdoor cinema and hospitality set up, and the backdrop of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge was absolutely amazing, if not a little distracting… I do wish they operated on reserved seating like regular cinemas, though – the having to get there early enough to nab a good seat was too much stress (that I placed on myself…) for after work!

Back in 2007, we saw Wicked on Broadway when we were in NYC and I absolutely loved it – so when I found out that the musical would be in Sydney in late 2014, I was very excited. Our schedule is always pretty full, so we only just managed to see Wicked before it finished up. Unfortunately I was feeling a little under the weather, so didn’t enjoy it as much this time around at the time, but I’m glad we went.

Bronte sunrise

It probably goes without saying that one of the highlights of the month was my birthday weekend. We caught the sunrise at Bronte, had crepes for breakfast at Avila in Bondi (a must-visit!), and later checked in at the Four Seasons for the night. Mr Posy took me to Rockpool Bar & Grill for dinner, which was a fabulous way to end the day.


Turning 30 - Four Seasons Sydney

My birthday celebrations continued into February with another High Tea at the Park Hyatt – I loved it so much when I visited at the beginning of January, and my birthday was the perfect excuse to book in another tea. February also marked the first night out for work drinks for the year with the girls; the champagne and laughter was fairly flowing as a late afternoon turned into a much later night than anticipated.

Speaking of work, as we didn’t have any trips away or public holidays, I took a flex day so that I could enjoy a relaxing long weekend. Of course I managed to pick the one occasion where work was so hectic for Mr Posy, that he ended up working the entire weekend. My timing is always so perfect… We did manage to get in an early breakfast at The Grounds on the Friday morning though (where I snagged a posy of peonies for myself for Valentines!), and I spent the weekend lounging around reading, so it definitely was not a wasted weekend by any means.

While February had some beautiful sunny days, they mostly seemed to fall on weekdays when I was stuck in the office, so we only managed to squeeze in two beach days, but they were such beautiful days that they almost made up for all the miserable weather.

Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors - Sydney

We were also blessed with beautiful weather when we went along to this year’s Greek Festival down at Darling Harbour (Mr Posy was very happy with his haul of loukoumades), and to the Lunar Markets in Pyrmont Bay Park and the Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors at Dawes Point as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

We did take advantage of a rainy weekend at the end of the month and finally went to the Art Gallery to check out the Pop into Popism exhibit – just in time before it finished up! I am starting to sense a running theme here when it comes to events – we always seem to leave it to the very last minute… There’s just always so much to see and do, and it can be a bit of a mission scheduling everything in.


Bronte in Autumn

March started with a cracking morning at Bronte – it was so glorious that for a brief moment I actually thought that we might be blessed with another long summer (miss you, 2014), and that I might finally make up for all the missed beach days, but it was not to be. The memory of that morning will hopefully see me through the cooler months, until I can get back in the surf.

Melbourne to Sydney

I had a lovely catch up here in Sydney with friends back from PosyTown – it was so nice to have a good laugh and a big chat over wine and dinner. The next morning Mr Posy and I caught an early morning flight to Melbourne to visit Niece and Nephew Posy (and their parents) for a long weekend, which was over much too quickly.

Taste of Sydney

We didn’t have much time to be sad once we got back to Harbour City, however, with Taste of Sydney booked in for the following weekend. Last year we copped a drenching at Taste, and after a rainy week, I was expecting a repeat performance… Fortunately, the rain held off when we went on the Saturday evening and we had an amazing time. We rushed through the savoury dishes so that we could get to the sweet – the white chocolate and caramel popsicle with dark chocolate crumbs from 4Fourteen was my favourite dish of the day.

March also marked footy season kicking off for another year, which means weekends cheering on my beloved Roosters! It’s going to take me a while to get used to the absence of Mini on the field, but there is some great young talent coming through; the club certainly does a good job of developing our juniors (RTS being snapped up by the Warriors from 2016 is evidence of that! … and as sad as I am, I wish him all the best.).

Ed Sheeran Sydney

Just as I knew would be the case, I was very pleased that past-me bought tickets to Ed Sheeran when they went on sale. It was just Ed, a couple of guitars and some kind of loop pedal – no fireworks, no back up dancers or singers, no fancy costumes or background tracks – but his concert was incredible! It was all him and all live. I will definitely be buying tickets when he next tours Australia.

We voted in our first state election – it was a bit of an anticlimax (voting always is), and there was no sausage sizzle at our polling booth (!), but it just further cemented that WE REALLY, TRULY LIVE HERE! Living here is still a bit of a novelty, and I still often say to Mr Posy “Wow! We really live here!”…

PosyKitty turns 4

Other highlights of the month include PosyKitty turning 4 (and she was so happy about it), and feeling like I’m in a really good place with work. I’m still acting in a different role, and I am loving it – I’ve got some really great projects on the go, and I’m working with a fantastic group of people. Hopefully I can stay on a little while longer..