Weekly Wrap: 1/5

Loukoumades at Alpha

  1. Xristos Anesti! Kalo Pascha! We celebrated Orthodox Easter at our favourite Greek restaurant, Alpha, and boy was it lucky that Mr Posy made the booking late last year because the place was pumping by the time we got there at 1pm for lunch. My favourite (savoury) dish is the moussaka of eggplant, seared scallops and taramasalata, however the slow roasted lamb shoulder comes in at a very close second for me (but first for Mr Posy). We always get the loukoumades to finish (pictured) – another favourite dish, and one that has become our dessert tradition for Greek Easter.
  2. The Roosters vs Dragons ANZAC Cup clash is one of my favourite games of the season, and this year was no different. We lost in a nail-biting finish, but the game is so much more than points on the ladder. The ceremony gets me every time, and the atmosphere is always very emotionally charged – standing in a stadium with 35,000 people who are completely silent for the minute’s silence and the Last Post is something else. Lest we forget.
  3. I have spent a lot of time this week looking through my photos from our Lord Howe Island trip and wishing we were back there. The weather here in Sydney has been really warm, so it is a little early for me to be fantasising about tropical island destinations – this does not bode well for winter.
  4. Captain America: Civil War was ace. Way better than Batman vs Superman which I watched a few weeks ago.. Mr Posy loves his comics, what can I say..
  5. The Voice starts again tonight and I am excited! #TeamRonan #AndTeamRicky #BringbackRicky

Weekly Wrap: 24/4

Sunny Sunday

  1. I am two weeks into my new role, and I am feeling really positive about it. I have a lot to get my head around, but I am excited about my new adventure. I am keeping the 3-month/100-day ‘new job adjustment rule’ in mind so I’m not too hard on myself too soon, and for now, I will just be like a duck: calm, composed and unruffled on the surface, and always paddling like hell underneath.
  2. We booked our accommodation in the Snowys for a weekend with my Dad, his partner, my aunt and little cousins during the snow season, and I am super excited. My next step is to book a ski lesson (or two) for Mr Posy and myself. I have a feeling it will be much like our surfing lesson – Mr Posy picked it up quickly, while I was pretty average… I suspect I may spend more time in front of the hotel fire with a vino in hand than on the ski-field!
  3. I am counting down the days until we go north to visit my brother and meet my new nephew. I can’t wait! I haven’t been north since we moved to Harbour City, so I am looking forward to see how much it has changed.
  4. Instead of heading straight home to the couch as is often the case for us after finishing the work week, Mr Posy and I went out for dinner at Cafe Sydney on Friday night. We’d had to cancel two previous bookings out on the balcony thanks to torrential rain (and I very nearly thought our bookings there were cursed when it started to bucket down on Friday afternoon, but thankfully the rain cleared), so I was glad we finally made it. We hadn’t been in a couple of years, and while the food was tops, I had forgotten how rushed it can feel. Despite this, I had a good night – the service was good, the food was fantastic (I think I will be dreaming of the chocolate brownie for months to come), and after a hectic week, it was nice to sit back, take in the stunning view of the Harbour, and shoot the breeze with Mr Posy.
  5. Speaking of a hectic week – I am so thankful for the long weekend. Yesterday’s miserable weather meant that I didn’t even feel the slightest ounce of guilt over sitting on the couch binging on Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville all day… Though I was happy to see the sun had decided to make an appearance when I woke up this morning – so Mr Posy and I hit the pavement with PosyDog for coffee, fresh air and sunshine (pictured).
  6. Tonight I am indulging in some 80s/90s nostalgia (i.e. my childhood) with a pot of beef stroganoff simmering away on the stove. Does Netflix stream ‘The Wonder Years’? That would really make my night…

Weekly Wrap: 17/4

Breakfast at Bills

  1. Wow, what a week! This week (and weekend) flew by. Monday is about to roll around, and I am so not ready for it.
  2. Mr Posy was in Singapore this week for work, and boy was I glad when he got home (at the crack of dawn) on Saturday. We kicked off the weekend with an early breakfast at Bills (pictured), which has become our go-to lately. The food and service is always spot on.
  3. I think we’re finally going to head to the snow for a couple of days this season – we’re going to meet up with some of my family in the Snowys, which I’m really excited about. I haven’t been to the snow since I was a kid, and Mr Posy has never been, so it will be a fun adventure!
  4. I’ll leave it there for this week – I certainly have more to say, but I’m exhausted.

Weekly Wrap: 10/4

Bronte mornings

  1. I booked flights to PosyTown to visit my brother and his other half and meet my new nephew next month. I am so excited!
  2. People have been asking me what our plans are for Christmas. IT’S APRIL! We only just had Easter (and Greek Easter is still to come). Can we at least get six months into the year first, before I have to start thinking about Christmas… Please?
  3. I know my beach days for this season are numbered, so I am treating every extra morning I get to spend soaking up the Vitamin Sea as my last. We spent the morning at Bronte (pictured) and it was SPECTACULAR. Autumn is fast becoming my favourite season of the year.
  4. I finished working on a major work project that has consumed my life for the better part of a year. Packing up my desk on Friday was a little sad and surreal – I did it; it’s all over. This week I start in a new role, and I am both excited and terrified. I am looking forward to my next challenge and a new adventure!
  5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Not as good as the original (however it doesn’t feel right to compare), but still worth watching.

Weekly Wrap: 3/4

Lord Howe Island

  1. I can’t believe it’s April. One quarter down, three to go. 2016, could you please slow down?
  2. Mr Posy and I spent the best part of this week on Lord Howe Island – it was incredible. I had the most amazing time and I didn’t want to leave. I kept hoping that our return flight would be cancelled, but no such luck. We spent the days riding around the island (pictured), swimming, snorkelling, eating and drinking… I’ll blog about our trip another day, but do yourself a favour and book a holiday to LHI – the flight is less than two hours from Sydney, and the island is PARADISE. I can’t wait to go back.
  3. Netflix is streaming The Time of Our Lives so I have spent a good chunk of this weekend watching the first season. I am still sad that a third season didn’t go ahead – such a good Aussie drama.
  4. I am finally back to work tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. I’ve been off since the Easter long weekend, and I am feeling very relaxed and refreshed after a decent break (despite yet another sinus and chest infection).
  5. Now that we’ve all wound our clocks back with the end of daylight saving, shorter days are upon us and I’m going to really miss the extra daylight hours. With that said, it will be nice to slow down a little over the next few months!

Weekly Wrap: 27/3

Sunset at Watsons Bay

  1. HAPPY EASTER! I may or may not have eaten my weight (and calorie allowance for the next six months) in solid Cadbury eggs this week(end). Easter chocolate is my favourite chocolate…
  2. I am finding it hard to believe that it really is Easter already. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Christmas will be here before we know it.
  3. This weekend has been so relaxing. Mr Posy and I have been doing a whole lot of nothing (and also taking in our pretty city), and it has been just what we both needed. I had been counting down to this weekend since I went back to work at the beginning of January, and it has been so great to just stop and relax. I feel like my batteries are finally recharging – and the best part is that I still have another seven days of relaxation to go! I won’t even know myself when I go back to work next week – in April. APRIL! What?! See point #2 – Christmas is coming, you guys.
  4. I have been hunting for a new lipstick to replace my beloved (discontinued) Chanel Rouge Coco Bois Des Iles #33, and do you think I can find a colour I love (or even just like)… I want something with a little bit of colour, but not too much colour, a little neutral/natural, but not too neutral, a little bright but also a little muted. Sigh. I could be searching a while.

Weekly Wrap: 20/3

Good Times Artisan Ice Cream (Ziggy Stardust + Hood Rich)

  1. My little brother is a DAD! My parents are grandparents! My grandparents are GREAT grandparents! I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW! I’ve FaceTimed with the little bebe a couple of times since he came into the world at the end of the week, and I just want to squeeze him in the flesh already. I can’t wait to give him a big snuggle in a few weeks. He is divine. And I may have had to be restrained by Mr Posy when shopping for gifts for our NEW NEPHEW! It is my job (and my right, ha!) as his aunty to spoil him…
  2. After a very hectic few months at work, I finally feel like I can breathe again. Actually, I feel like a whole new person, and like I can finally really think again.
  3. Mr Posy and I finally made it to the new soft serve ice creamery in Potts Point (Good Times Artisan Ice Cream) and it is AMAZING. I have been wanting to go since it opened about a month ago, so I made it my reward this weekend (pictured) for surviving the past few months. I will be going back, again and again.
  4. ‘Miss You Already’ with Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore. Oh my word. It was very well done, and I was a complete wreck by the end of the movie. I loved it. But I am glad that I missed it while it was at the cinema and instead watched it in the privacy of my own home. Bawling.
  5. I had a number of thoughts earlier in the week when I had a dark cloud following me around which were rather negative, but after an incredible end to the week, there’s no point in giving them air. The storm has passed (even if it is actually currently bucketing down here in Harbour City). Life is good. All you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust.

Weekly Wrap: 13/3

Always uphill

  1. I don’t feel like I’ve been my best self this week. It’s not a good feeling.
  2. Expect the unexpected. That’s what this week has taught me.
  3. My resilience is really being tested at the moment. I am pretty strong, and I can take take a lot… but I am also only human, and I am struggling a little. With that said, I am surrounded by some really amazing and supportive people, and things will calm down soon. I hope.
  4. I hated every minute of my workouts this week. I certainly didn’t regret them once they were finished (and it’s that knowledge that gets me to gym in the first place), but it was such a struggle to get through every single rep.
  5. On a more positive note, I will have a new niece or nephew in a few days! I’m so excited.
  6. I finally gave in and bought hot cross buns this weekend. Toasted and dripping with butter, yum… I won’t need any until next Easter now. Oops.

Weekly Wrap: 6/3

Boathouse Shelly Beach

  1. Can you believe we’re already in March?! March! Christmas will be here before we know it.
  2. With that said, I’m super excited about March. Mr Posy and I head to Lord Howe Island for a few days this month… and I will have a new niece or nephew in under two weeks!
  3. Twice this week I randomly broke out in hives (the first time was at work – mortifying!) all over my face and neck, and parts of my arms, legs and torso, and I’m completely baffled as to what caused it. I haven’t head to deal with hives in years, and then had them twice in two days. I took an antihistamine and was completely fine after a couple of hours, but I probably should have avoided consulting Dr Google… Everything leads to cancer, meningitis, and lupus. Anyhow, now that I’m stocked up on Phenergan (which I haven’t had to buy since well before we left PosyTown), I doubt I’ll have any more weird reactions any time soon. … and if I do, I’ll consult my real doctor…
  4. Making friends as an adult is not easy. Or is that just me?
  5. MKR are doing a FOURTH round of instant restaurants, and I am so annoyed. I should really just switch off and resume watching when they get to the challenges, and quit my whinging.
  6. I have a big work opportunity on the horizon, and it is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Actually, maybe a little more terrifying than exiting, as is often the case with The Unknown. But it is a great opportunity, and I sure will make the most of it!
  7. I went to Tina Arena’s concert at the State Theatre on Friday night and it was spectacular. This was the third time I’ve seen her in concert, and she does not disappoint. It’s really interesting to hear how her sound and lyrics have evolved with each album. I loved her when I was a kid, and I love her even more now as an adult.
  8. People have been raving to me about Shelly Beach ever since we moved to Sydney, and we finally made the trek over on Saturday. Look, it was okay. It was quiet, and I can see that it’s a great family beach, and it has the benefit of the Boathouse for all your food and coffee needs, but on that side of The Bridge I still prefer Freshie. I made the mistake of leaving our snorkelling gear at home, which was a real shame.
  9. I do love a good ballet drama, so when I stumbled across Season 1 of Flesh and Bone on Stan, I was pretty happy. It feels wrong to say that I enjoyed it, because it is very dark and twisted (think Black Swan… on crack), so I will say that if it returned for a second season, I would definitely watch it.

Weekly Wrap: 28/2

Rolling in the deep (Palm Beach)

  1. I’ve had a bit of a rough week, and I am finding myself questioning everything… WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?
  2. PosyDog’s wound is healing well. The site is still a little inflamed, but so far we seem to have avoided infection, which is excellent. She’s in very good spirits (actually, she’s better than ever – go figure), and she still has a raging appetite, so I am feeling a lot less stressed about the whole thing now. Poor little monkey.
  3. I took a flex day on Wednesday and it was bliss. I could feel myself really struggling late last week, so I asked my boss if I could take a day off midweek. For the first time ever, I didn’t schedule in any Life Admin for my day off – I planned to just relax, starting with a sleep-in… So of course I was wide awake at 5.30am! Frustrating, given that I could barely drag myself out of bed at 7am in the days before and after. I started the day with my favourite breakfast at one of my favourite establishments (coconut quinoa bircher at Ruby’s Diner) while reading the papers, and had an hour long relaxing massage in the afternoon. The massage was more excruciating than relaxing; I hadn’t realised just how seized up/completely trashed my muscles were until I was on the massage table and nearly crying out in pain.
  4. I love MKR and was really excited about its return this year, but I really lose interest by the time they get to the THIRD round of instant restaurants. It’s too much. Get to the challenges already…
  5. I feel like my skin is so grey and lacklustre lately – I think it’s just a by-product of the chest infection that I had in January (I’m not yet 100% and the cough is still lingering), but it’s a bit of a shock when I see my reflection in the mirror some days.
  6. Friday morning I walked out my front door to see my camellias in bloom! It made my week.
  7. Despite the soaring temperatures this week, I can feel the season slowly slipping away. In addition to my camellias flowering, the morning and afternoon light is changing – it’s so much softer. I love it, even if it does mean that the cooler months are on their way.
  8. Fuller House dropped on Netflix this weekend, so I spent the better part of Saturday watching the entire season in one go. I know the critics have slammed it, but I loved it. I cried in every episode (the opening credits alone set me off), and I laughed until it hurt. Yeah it was cheesy, but so was the original. Full House was one of my favourite childhood TV shows, and the reboot was like a warm hug. It was nostalgia done right.
  9. I picked up a packet of the pineapple and coconut water Frosty Fruits instead of the regular tropical flavour when I did my weekly shop (don’t shop while hungry, or when it feels like it’s a million degrees outside), and they are delicious. Summer on a stick.
  10. With better weather this weekend, Mr Posy and I made the most of it, with a long walk in Centennial Park with PosyDog on Saturday morning, and a trip up to Palm Beach on Sunday. I had this weird hankering to walk up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, so we grabbed coffee from the Boathouse and then made the trek to the top. As I mentioned above, I’m feeling a little lost at sea at the moment, and can’t help but see the symbolism in being drawn to a towering signpost and its shining beacon. Hopefully I’ll feel more settled soon.